Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Glo topples Airtel to become 2nd highest GSM network subscriber-base in the country

Globacom has emerged the 2nd highest GSM network provider with regards to subscriber-base in Nigeria. The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) made this known in the recent release of the figures of subscriber-base on the four major GSM network providers in the country.

The 2nd quarter figure showed that Glo has now taken over the 2nd spot that was formerly occupied by Airtel with a subscriber base of about 27.3 million against the last February record of about 24.4million subscribers, signifying a growth of about 21% Nigerian telecom market with about 2.8million added subscribers within four month.
Glo topples Airtel to become 2nd highest GSM network subscriber-base in the country

Though MTN recorded some losses of about 666,986 subscribers but remained at the top position with about 57million subscribers.

Airtel was the biggest loser in this latest report, having ceded their 2nd spot to Globacom and now occupy the 3rd spot with a drop from about 26million to 25million subscribers showing a loss of about 882,176 subscribers.

Etisalat on its part maintained its fourth position of the highest GSM network provider in the country, having recorded gains of about 1,270,888 subscribers which upped their subscriber base from 18,119,397 to 19,390,285.

The whole results clearly showed that Globacom and Etisalat were the gainers whereas MTN and Airtel recorded some losses.

Coming down to another very important data, pertaining to the four major GSM network providers mentioned above is the network provider with the highest internet subscription base.

Based on that, the previous status quo remained the same with MTN leading the board, Globacom maintaining their second spot, followed by Airtel and finally Etisalat.

Then the above data that showed Glo as the top gainer can easily be attributed to massive system upgrade embarked upon by Glo and also the bouquet of new services offered to their subscribers might also have contributed to their recent increase.
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Important parameters and sections of Google Analytics explained

In our previous posts, we talked about the best position to manually fix in your Google Analytics tracking codes on Blogger template and we also went further to describe how you can easily get the Analytics tracking code.

Today, we are assuming that that aspect has been settled and we are moving on to mention the important parameters and sections of Google Analytics that might still be confusing you as a new user.

For instance, someone told me recently that he does not understand the terms in that Analytic dashboard and was asking me what they mean my session and that he sees that a lot whenever he logs into his Analytics dashboard. So we are here to unravel those confusing aspects of Google Analytics.
Important parameters and sections of Google Analytics explained

Let’s kick-start immediately without wasting any time.

When you log into your Google Analytics dashboard, you will see the 4 menus options at the top, with our interest for this topic being the Reporting option, then you will also see 8 different available options at the left hand pane of your screen and each of the options containing sub-options that can be seen on the options drop down menu when clicked, then coming to the right hand side of the screen is the largest area that displays the reporting options either in charts, graphs, table or just pictorially.

The two major area of concentration will be the left hand pane with those options and the large right hand area which gives you mostly the pictorial representations of the activities taking place on your blog.

Coming to the left hand pane with the different options, the two most common options that you need to take note of are the Real Time option and the Audience option. Now we are going to explain them in details.

Starting with the Real Time option, the Real Time option on your Google Analytics page is that which is used to monitor the activities on your blog as they happen instantaneously. Now the overview sub-option in the Real Time main option displays these real time activities on the right large area of your Analytics page. It shows;

= => The number of people on your site right now with their geographical locations

= => It also shows you the keywords, site that referred them, pages they are viewing and also conversations as they happen

Secondly, the Audience option – on the overview sub-option in the Audience option, you get to see the display on the right hand area the session counts, users counts, pageveiws counts, pages/session, average session duration, bounce rate and you also get to see your audience demography. In other sub-options there, you can check out the Browsers, platform, Operating Systems of the devices with which your visitors are using to visit.

We believe here that you are quite familiar with those words like users, pageviews counts, users count, bounce rate etc. then for session, if you don’t really understand what is meant by session, it is simply the period of time that your blog visitors are actively engaged on your blog. In other words it also means the quality time that those visitors spend on your blog.

Then we also want to draw your attention on the reporting periods of time on your Analytics pages. Apart from the Real Time monitoring which we say happens instantaneously other reporting parameters are set by default to a period of last one month prior to your current date.

But you can however manually change or choose any particular date or period in which you want to the reporting to display. The date feature is found close the right hand top of the large reporting area of your Analytics page, so you can change the date over there.

Finally, there are lots of other reporting options on your Google Analytics page that you can always play around with and figure out things for yourself to know how they work. For instance you can decide to incorporate your Adsense to your Analytics to track how well your ads perform. You will even get to appreciate Analytics more the moment you start using it yourself to monitor the activities on your pages and you will also get to understand why we say that it is the best blog monitoring tool out there.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box to express yourself or if you have question that you need clarification on, you can equally do that down the comment section.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Is blog commenting the ultimate goal for blog readers/visitors?

Blog commenting no doubt is one of the major yardsticks in measuring how engaged a blog is and it also plays some vital role in determining how pages are ranked and thus the comment sections of webpages are important sections of every blog.

We all know that it usually brings some sense of good feelings to bloggers whenever you open your blog dashboard and find those genuine comments pouring in. it also makes you have the true feelings that your blog is busy and that other webmasters reverend that your blog with high commenting engagements.

And these are the major reasons why most bloggers always scout for the best commenting systems for their blogs and they also endeavor to keep the section spam free by using additional spam filter plugins.
Is blog commenting the ultimate goal for blog readers/visitors?

It was also one of the things that led to the popularity of the CommentLuv commenting system and why it is highly sort for by webmasters.

But despite these virtuous attributes that can be heaped on the comment sections of webpages, the big question still remains;

Is blog commenting the ultimate goal for blog readers/visitors?

I have been witnessing the huge emphases that many bloggers lay on blog commenting and also the extent to which they could go in order to make sure that they drive blog visitors that will eventually drop comments on their pages after reading their blog posts.

Some of those bloggers have constantly done so to the extent that it has started building and attracting negative influence to the minds of those blog readers that have now eventually being converted from blog readers to mainly blog commenters.

By so doing, you will easily see those converted blog commenters often sorting after blog that they will only glance through to drop their comments.

The emphasis here has shifted from in-depth reading to comprehend and make use of the values the articles are meant to offer to just taking a quick glance on the articles and commenting on them.

To add salt to the injury, when you look around these days, you will notice different bloggers organizing commenting contests on their blog.

Ok, now tell me, what do you think will be in the mind of blog visitors participating in blog contests

Obviously it will be difficult to convince anybody out there that those participating in blog commenting contests are interested in the juice or value that such article was meant to deliver but rather most of them will be interested in the prizes they could smile home with.

Hey, not that we are oblivious that such contests could generate high level of impression ads, but we are majoring on values here today.

Dare stop the commenting contests and watch most of the readers vanish away from your blog into the thin air.

Again, fact is this; it is not every article on a blog that all your readers are meant to show interest on or will enjoy, no matter how crafty, beautiful or prolific you tend to be in writing.

But a situation where you find some readers dropping comments on almost every article on your blog, it might just turn out to be a way of pleasing the blogger or for the sole purpose of gaining favour from the writer…so watch out!!

More questions and more things to ponder on

Those ads that you place on your blog, who are you placing them for? Is it when you have succeeded in turning your blog readers into blog commenters and that the only section of your blog that they now concentrate on is the comment section, and so what happens to those other ads on other sections of your blog? Who will visit them, who will click on them?

Do you prefer to add values and increase earnings with the number of blog visitors/readers you receive or you only prefer to see comments falling like rains in your comments sections whether relevant or irrelevant comments?

Now this is my own ultimate thought;

The ultimate aim sequentially in putting up those wonderful articles on your blog is for you to build readership communities around those articles (and not just commenting communities), that will in turn add meaningful values to the readers mind (solve some of their problems because you cannot just solve all), which could possibly create engagements (here the comments can rain like hail stone), second to the last, thus capable of building cordial and lasting relationship between readership members and the blogger (author or writer) and finally with the huge potential of driving crazy income.

Finally, it is important to note that a blog can have high traffic with genuine and loyal readers with low bounce rate and with low commenting engagement but the blogger in question is just doing fine. The things that worked for you must not necessarily work for another. All that matters is for you as a blogger to minimize or do away with any actions that can negatively impact on you and your blog and watch yourself soar like eagle in the sky with your blog.

If you are happy with this piece you can use the comment section to express yourself.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

The best position to manually place your Google Analytics tracking code in your Blogger template

If you have not being making use of Google Analytics to monitor your blog/site stats, then it is either you have been dealing with false stats counts on your blog activities or that you do not even have any idea of what is going on behind your blog.

I can categorically tell you without any apology that Google Analytics is the best tool out there today that provides the closest estimates of those activities taking place on your blog that you don’t have direct control of.

Apart from Analytics most other blog stats counts are extremely inaccurate, including your Blogger stats counter.
The best position to manually place your Google Analytics tracking code in your Blogger template

We came up with this theory after having studied and compared Google Analytics results with some other stat counter tools out there, and we found out that Analytics provided more reasonable results than all.

Today, we are writing on this topic not because some of you have not already being making use of Analytics to monitor your pages, but because there have always been this confusion on what part of the Blogger template should the Analytics tracking code be positioned.

But before we will go on to answer that properly, we will not base our assumption that all of you are already making use of Google Analytics, therefore we will like to carry everybody along by quickly giving a run-down of how to manually and properly install Google Analytics tracking codes on your Blogger.

Google Analytics can also be installed perfectly on other blogging platforms like Wordpress, Tumrl etc, but we will be focusing on Blogger here to clarify the issue on Analytic code placement.

To make use of Google Analytics on your Blogger follow the steps below;

= => Since you already have a Google Account as a blogger on Blogger platform, you need to signup up separately on Google Analytics with your Google account details

= => After Signup, log in to your Analytics account and add your blog/site by heading to the current website section and clicking on the Add website profile

= => Fill in your blog/site URL in the space provided for that and click continue to go get your Analytics tracking codes….it is a series of javascript that starts with <script> and ends with </script>.

= => Copy the entire codes without editing them in any form.

= => Head over to your Blogger dashboard and click on the Template section…*Always remember to back up your blog template at this point before working on the template codes*

= => Click on Edit/HTML to open your blog template codes

= => Click anywhere inside the code section and then press CTRL + F to open up the search box inside your code window, then look for the tag </head>.

= => Now just immediately above the </head>, paste your copied Analytics tracking code and then click on save tab to save the changes.

Note, at this point is where the confusion normally come in, as some will tell you to look for the </body> tag rather and paste your Analytics code above it. But for best performance you should paste it above the </head> as indicated the above step.

= => Refresh your blog, and within some time, your Google Analytics code will be propagated into your template.

You can then log in to your Analytics page at any other time to check and monitor your blog stats count with it.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box to express yourself or for any other question you will require an answer on based on what you have just read.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spot the differences; Inifinix Zero VS Tecno Phantom Z

Today, we want to take an in-depth look by spotting the differences between the latest and best devices from these two similar companies, Infinix Mobility and Tecno Mobiles that specializes in manufacturing MTK smartphones.

As you might have already known that the latest devices recently launched by the two companies are the Infinix Zero and the Techno Phantom Z.

The full essence of doing this is to help you know their detailed features that differentiate the devices, especially for those that have already set their eyes on acquiring any of the devices but still wonder in the bewilderment of making the right choice that match their needs and capabilities.
Spot the differences; Inifinix Zero VS Tecno Phantom Z

Just as I have mentioned, we will major in bringing out their differential features against their full features which we have already discussed in our previous pieces. So we will be referring you to those pieces as we move on should you need to get those detailed features of both devices.

We will be kicking it out by pointing out their unique and stronger features over each other i.e. the features that make one of them juicier or more desirable than the other. And you should note that the strength of those features on one of the devices amount to the weakness of the other and vice versa. With that, the true differences between the two devices are exposed.

Infinix Zero strength over Tecno Phantom Z

= => Infinix Zero has a microSD card  slot that can extends its already fixed 8GB/16GB internal memory to 32GB, whereas the Tecno Phantom Z features only its internal 32GB memory.

= => The Infinix Zero display spots a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection, while the Phantom comes with Gorilla Glass protection.

= => The price of the Infinix is far lower than that of the Phantom Z as you can obtain the Infinix Zero with about $150 while the Phantom Z sells for about $350.

Now for the full detailed features of the Infinix Zero you can head over to the Reinventing the phones with Infinix Zero piece.

Tecno Phantom Z strength over the Infinix Zero

= => The Tecno Phantom Z features a 5.2 inches HD screen with 1080 X 1920 resolution given it a Pixel Density of 424 PPi, whereas the Infinix Zero spot a 5.0 inches HD screen with a screen resolution of 720 X 1280 and a Pixel Density of 294 PPi.

= => The Phantom Z has a 32GB internal memory while Infinix Zero spot a 8GB/16GB internal memory.

= => Phantom Z has a 16MP rear camera with 8MP front facing camera while the Infinix Zero rear camera is 13MP and its front camera is 2MP.

= => Phantom Z boast of a 3030mAh battery whereas the Infinix Zero features a 1920mAh battery.

Then for the detailed features of the Tecno Phantom Z, you can refer to Tecno R7 VS Tecno Phantom Z

Those are the main differences between the two current flagship devices from Infinix Mobiliy and Tecno Mobiles

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How many Bloggers pageviews stat count you will need to average $10 daily with Adsense ads impressions only, without any click

Today, many bloggers on the Blogger platform still rely much on their Bloggers stat counts to measure or monitor their blog visitor’s stats such as pageviews and others.

Though not as accurate as compared with Google Analytics, but can still provide useful insight of the activities of your blog visitors, especially if you have become familiar with the way it works.

Some have always wanted to relate these Blogger pageview counts with their Google Adsense dashboard counts, in terms of how many Blogger pageview count will be needed to generate specific amount of $ with Google ads impressions only.
How many bloggers pageviews stat count you will need to average $10 daily with Adsense ads impressions only, without any click

As you might have already known that Adsense is not only Pay per Click (PPC) ads program, they also pay on the number of ads impressions generated on Cost per Mille (CPM) bases.

Knowing or trying to figure out how these Google ads impression revenue is being calculated has always proved difficult as result of many dynamic factors involved in determining the exact amount.

And it will even prove more difficult trying to figure it out on your Adsense dashboard since there are no specific area designated for CPM ads impression data and as all the revenue generated on ads impression bases are being incorporated in Cost per Click (CPC) estimated earnings data.

Now, whenever you see your CPC estimated earnings, you should bear in mind that it is not only the CPC earning data that was recorded as it also contains your ads impression earnings. In other words, the actual CPC earning is always lower than what is often displayed.

In today’s topic, for those that have demanded that they will want to know the estimated Blogger pageviews count that will amount to $1 to $10 Google ads impression $ assuming no click was generated that day and also on the assumption that the ads were well implemented for both desktop and mobile platform views.

With constant monitor and study from our side on how these statistics work, we have been able to come out with a near perfect estimate of the whole thing and can tell you to a reasonable degree of what to expect.

We were able to figure out that for you to earn $0.01 with Google ads impression only, your blogger pageviews stat count will be displaying about 100+pageviews, then for $0.02 impression earning your Blogger pageviews is about 200+ and so on.

Therefore for you to make $1 daily with only Google ads impressions, you will need about 10K+ Blogger pageviews stats and for $10 it will be around 100K+ Blogger pageviews. 

Remember we assumed a situation when no single click was generated!.

We also noticed that with the Blogger pageviews stat counts it is about 3 times lower on Adsense dashboard pageviews count. Implying that with 100K Bloggers pageviews that will be giving you $10 Google ads impression, on Adsense dashboard pageview counts, you will see about 33K pageviews recorded.

Finally, it is important to note that all these are never exact figures but just near perfect estimate that gave birth as result of proper study and thorough  analysis over a year plus.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself and if you have something you want to chip in, you can equally do so below.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

The popular social bookmaking site StumbleUpon adopts new method of accepting/submitting pages

StumbleUpon has recently become a very popular social bookmarking site with volumes of registered users that enjoy stumbling all the time at something new on the web.

Many webmasters today now capitalize on the huge user-base of StumbleUpon to drive massive traffic to their pages with it. If you have not been using StumbleUpon do drive traffic to your pages, then you might be missing out in the traffic juice that is obtainable over there.

The popularity of this wonderful social bookmarking site grew from grass to grace and user-base skyrocketed to the extent that some webmasters are beginning to fear that StumbleUpon traffic consist mainly of bots.

But StumbleUpon users are real humans like you and I that are more interested in adventure and in discovering of new sites for themselves, so the spend most of the time stumbling on pages that you submit.

That is the simple explanation to why whenever you submit a new page to StumbleUpon, you will surely notice a significant increase in your page views stat counts. The traffic over there is huge and massive and the Stumblers can be likened to expedition embarked upon.

If you are familiar with StumbleUpon and have been making use of it in submitting your new blog posts or pages after publishing, you might have noticed that prior to this moment, when you are submitting new pages, you are being presented with the submit-page that includes field for the URL of your page, Yes or No radio button option to mention whether the page you are submitting is safe or not, a filed for your page tags that can make your page easily discoverable by the Stubmlers, and an optional message field that you can use to further describe your page.

But presently, if you notice, the method of submitting/accepting your pages on StumbleUpon has changed entirely which is now more of an upgraded method. It is now easier to submit pages to StumbleUpon, as you no longer need to fill any field to have your pages submitted.

All you need do now is for you to just add your pages to your likes in StumbleUpon and choose whether the page you are submitting is safe or not then you have succeeded in submitting the page.

Finally, I want to mention that the moment you register on StumbleUpon, you are automatically qualified to start stumbling and discovering new pages too for yourself.
Over to you, if you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself, of if you have additional thing to say, you can equally do so below.

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