Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why the Newly Announced Nokia N1 Android Tablet Will not Excite Many Nokia Fans

Nokia, even in their fading state just announced their new flagship device, the Nokia N1 android tablet.

And because of what Nokia stood for and have been known for in the past, many Nokia fans still greeted the announcement of the Nokia N1 tab with utmost joy.

Regardless of the lacking features in the Nokia N1 that will not make it so palatable for all, many of the Nokia fans were just still basking in the euphoria of Nokia announcing a new device since after the company was sold to Microsoft earlier this year.
Nokia N1

The Nokia N1 will eventually turn out to become the first ever full blown android device manufactured by Nokia and that even have the taste of the latest sweet android 5 lollipop.

But one thing is for sure is that excitement will come and soon fade and Nokia fans will then be greeted with the reality  of some of the unavailable features of the N1 that will make it not too palatable a device to many.

Some of those unavailable features that berate the Nokia N1 tablet are;

= => It is important to note that the new Nokia N1 tablet is not a GSM device, and for internet access now, the device will be most suitable only in certain regions that have easy and free access to wireless internet connections.

For that reason, Nokia fans on those other regions will now start getting less excited about the device.

= => As you know, no GSM means no SIM, no GPRS, no Edge and no 2G network

= => The tablet does not have an external expandable memory slot

= => it does not have a radio receiver

= => It is not even available yet and consumers still have to wait till the 1st quarter of next year to see if the device will get to their market.

Now let’s take at the full features of the Nokia N1 android tablet below to see if some of the features are cool enough to resurrect your interest on the new Nokia baby;

= => Dimensions: 200.7 X 138.6 X 6.9mm

= => Display: 7.6 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1536 X 2048 pixel resolution, and a corning gorilla glass protection

= => Camera: 8MP primary camera with 5MP front facing camera

= => Processor: Intel atom Z3580 chipset with quad core 2.3GHz CPU and a PowerVR G6430 GPU

= => Memory: 32GB internal memory with 2GB RAM

= => Operating System: Android 5 lollipop

= => Wireless Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual band, WiFi Direct, DLNA, WiFi hotspot with blutooth V4.0, A2DP

= => USB: Micro USB V.2, type C, reversible connector

= => Battery: Non-removable Li-ion 5300mAh battery

= => Others: Accelerometer, gyro, HTML5, Active noise cancellation with dedicated MIC, photo viewer/editor, document view, video players

Finally, this is not Nokia first tablet and as you have now seen that it is now quite obvious that the newly announced Nokia N1 tablet will only be more suitable for certain regions of the world.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to make your android devices run longer on battery

Long lasting battery is one thing that you we all desire for our android devices and it is still one of the major areas in device manufacturing that call for continues attention and improvement.

Though a lot of efforts have been put in place recently to make sure that newly available android devices run on improved battery life, but we still hear a lot of complaints about poor device battery life.

To be more realistic, there is never a time that we are calling for manufacturers to build android device battery that will power our devices for the whole week under heavy usage.
How to make your android devices run longer on battery

And we also know quite well that most of the devices make use of Lithium ion battery technology, but we believe that a whole love of improvement can still be made to keep our devices running for plenty of hours before charging.

A suggestion here can be a call for a shift in Lithium batteries to alternative power sources, most probably renewable batteries. And even recently, a discovery of sugar batteries that can last 10 times longer than lithium batteries was made.

If you could recall, that poor battery life was one of the major cons of Blackberry devices and that even contributed in almost putting Blackberry in limbo as we can see.

Today, you have many people complain that their android devices batteries drains fast even when they are not making use of them. Though the reason for that might not be farfetched considering the user in question and the way the open source android operating system was built.

But whatever the case may be and whichever of the android devices you are currently using now, we have a general guide for you on how to make your device run longer on battery.
In order for you to achieve longer battery life with your android device, follow the simple guide below;

= => Always disconnect your internet connections when not in use. If you feel you sometimes forget to do that, you can always automate the process with certain apps like juice defender.

= => Always try to stop unnecessary running applications and processes on your device.

= => Don’t forget to off or disable your device wireless and Bluetooth adapters when not in use.

= => Dim your screen display to level you are comfortable with.

= => Don’t forget to set your volume at low but still audible level

= => Time the sleep mode for inactivity

= => If you have unnecessary USB devices attached to your device, always disconnect them.

And I tell you, by the time you implement the laid down simple guide above, you will end up having your android device running longer on battery juice and that will conquer the frustration of having to plug in your device for charging every now and then.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself, or if you have any question, you can still table it below.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Infinix Zero, Innjoo Note or Gionee M2: Which of These 3 Hot, Similar-Price-Range Phones Will You Rock?

Infinix Zero, Innjoo Note and Gionee M2 are no doubt the 3 hottest and most desired similar price ranged phones currently rocking the emergent mobile phone markets.

For those that want to buy phones of such nature (high ends but low cost), they often end up running into confusion of choice.

But one thing that you have to understand here is that different strokes are meant for different folks.

If you truly know that feature of a phone that you cherished the most, then it should be less of a headache for you in choosing amongst Infinix Zero, Innjoo Note and Gionee M2, bearing in mind that because of marketing strategy, there is no such thing as perfect phone out there in the market.
Infinix Zero, Innjoo Note or Gionee M2: Which of These 3 Hot, Similar-Price-Range Phones Will You Rock?

Even the so called high end Samsung and Iphone devices are also found wanting in certain features and are not devoid from criticism.

Here is an idea for making the best choice for yourself out of the 3; just as I have mentioned, your priority should be based on that feature that you cherished most.

For instant, some folks will not compromise long lasting battery life phone to other features, while some will tell you that they love phones with OTG (On the Go) and OTA (Over the Air) features and others will just like the phone design, slick and light.

Whichever be the case, your preference feature in a phone should make you go for any of those 3 phones if only you know quite well their features.

I will want to say here, that for those who are obsessed with phones with long lasting battery life, then you should go for the Gionee M2 with a whooping 4200mAh battery capacity that truly last and stand for what the inscribed capacity preaches.

Then if you need a slick design phone with sharp display and higher RAM, the Infinix Zero should be your next bus stop.

If you need a phone with large screen and that can serve you as a mini tab, then you are invited for the Innjoo Note party.

I hope with this little guide you have received, making the right choice amongst Infinix Zero, Innjoo Note and Gioneer M2 will now be less of a hassle?

If you are happy with this, you can just use the comment box below to say something.
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Airtel Surprises Continues: Have You Gotten Your Free 100mb Yet?

In fact, I think I have been extra surprising you these days with over generosity, to the extent that I have even surprised more people than MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat joined together in this season of surprises. 

And my surprises have come mostly through the Airtel network.

Though some of you might call airtel different types of funny names like Slowtel, Helltel, data zappers and the rest, yet they keep on surprising and setting the pace.

For me, the only problem I have with airtel is their SIM eligibility issues on their numerous surprises.
Airtel Surprises Continues: Have You Gotten Your Free 100mb Yet?

If you have not gotten any one of airtel surprise with your SIM, then this very one might just be the one your SIM is waiting for.

But on the other hand, if your airtel SIM has not been eligible for any of the airtel numerous surprises that I have been dishing out, including the one I am going to be showing you today, then you better go and visit your village head and ask him to show you the person that you have offended that is making your SIM not to be eligible in any way to the offers.

For those that want to doubt that I have not supplied you with enough airtel surprises these season, let me prove it to you now that I have done so, and the good thing is that all the airtel surprises are still valid till this very moment.

Ok, firstly, I discussed the airtel android data 1+1offer that was recently launched as part of the surprises. Some are eligible for the offer, whereas others were not.

After that, I went ahead to give you a test of airtel WTF data plan for full free 7 days, as if that was not enough, I showed you how you can use only N100 airtel Whatsapp bundle to surf almost unlimitedly with your Android for full 1 month.

Even at that, some of you still went ahead to act like Oliver Twist that keeps asking for more. I then reminded you that the Airtel BIS monthly 1+1 offer is back and still blazing on any device of your choice.

Today again I will still remind you of yet another surprise offer that have been ongoing and see if that your stubborn SIM will still reject this.

Which offer am I talking of?

You might have heard of it before or even have tried it but you were not given your free 100mb…well the offer is that part of airtel surprise that gives you free 100mb to flex with for full 1 week.

If you have tried it before by dialing the codes and were not given the 100mb, then just dial it again now, cos there is now very high tendency that they will give it to you this time around.

I told you earlier that my only problem with airtel is their SIM eligibility issue. Just last week, I tried to get my own free 100mb on my both SIM, and I was told that my current plan is not eligible for the offer, but today, after dialing again, lo and behold I got my 100mb on both SIM.

In other words, you too can start dialing now and start getting your free 100mb.
To get your free 100mb;

= => Dial *166# to migrate to airtel Club 10

= => Then after that, dial *141*13*100# and that is all.

That your SIM that was not eligible before might just be eligible now…No dulling…start dialing.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself or you can use it to tell us whether your stubborn SIM finally succumb to the surprises.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Yes, Airtel BIS Monthly 1+1 Offer is back!

About 2 months ago, Airtel temporarily stopped the BIS 1+1 promo that offers airtel subscribers with eligible SIMs 2GB data for 2 months and that cost N15,00.

But now the Airtel BIS monthly 1+1 promo is back and blazing again, and those with eligible SIMs can go ahead to subscribe by dialing the normal code which is *440*161#

You can always test for your SIM eligibility as usual without airtime by just dialing the code above and the reply you will get will let you know if you are eligible or not for the promo.

Remember that all airtel data plans, be it this very BIS plan or the android data 1+1 plans work on all devices without any special tweaking.
Yes, Airtel BIS Monthly 1+1 Offer is back!

And who amongst you said that airtel is not really trying when it comes to offering affordable data plans to their subscribers?

But one funny thing about Airtel SIM eligibility for any of these promos is that today, your SIM can be eligible, and after 1 month of subscribing and making use of the plan, your SIM can just become ineligible, and vice versa where your ineligible SIM can just suddenly become eligible.

And up till this very moment, there have not being any known criteria or rule of thumb for SIM eligibility, as airtel computers just pick out SIM at random to whitelist and make them eligible for the promo, so it is a matter of your SIM being lucky.

If you your SIM is eligible, you can go ahead and subscribe for this plan, if not you can try out the airtel android data plan.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself.
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beam Messenger: The New Android Messaging App That Allows Users See Text messages as they are Being Typed

For all of you that is quite familiar with the different types of mobile messaging apps available such as Whatsapp, BBM, Wechat, Telegram, etc. you all know by now that when two persons are engaged in a chatting conversation that the best indicator to show when each of the party is typing or replying to a message is when they see “Typing” on their text area on their screen.

But today, we have a new android messaging app in the making known as Beam Messenger that breaks the record of those other chat messaging app that only show “typing” to indicate that each party involve in a chat conversation is typing a message, it goes to the extent of displaying all text characters the two parties involved are typing even before they send out the message.
Beam Messenger

In other words, Beam Messenger has become the first messaging app that offers full real time chatting experience next to verbal conversation.

Released recently by Canadian Propulsion Lab, the developers pointed out that Beam Messenger can really come quite handy for those that have privacy concerns.

Going by the download page in Google Play Store, it was indicated that the dynamic nature of the real time conversation offered within the app meant that no single message is delivered, but just organized on their screen.

We took note that since each character you type on Beam Messenger is being shown to your chatting partner, nothing is hidden then and not even room for your thought or mistake of typing something you will end up wanting to retrieve is allowed, so you just type them out just the way you will speak out in real time conversation.

I think it is quite amazing having such a real time messaging app that possesses such feature.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to tether your phone with your PC via WiFi hotspot for internet access and sharing

Tethering is a way of connecting one device to another, maybe for internet connection sharing or for other synchronizing purposes.

Here we are going to be dealing with tethering for internet connection sharing purpose.

With the advance in modern mobile technology, it is even becoming easier by the day to share a phone’s internet connection with PC through tethering.

Tethering of phone to PC for internet connection sharing can be a very simple step to you, but for others it might not be that simple for them as you thought.
How to tether your phone with your PC via WiFi hotspot for internet access

Somebody that owns a Samsung Galaxy S3 device recently asked me “What is the meaning of tethering?” That he has been hearing the word more often of late but don’t really know what it means but that he has a thought that it is related to internet connection.

In other words, if you know how to tether your phone with your PC and felt it is easy, don’t you ever think that all folks out there also know how to go about it.

Without further ado, let’s go straight into the business of the day which is on how to tether your phone with your PC via WiFi hotstpot for internet connection sharing.

In order to achieve that, your phone must have a WiFi hotspot feature and not just WiFi and the PC you will be using for this purpose must have a WiFi (Wireless) feature. Good a thing that these days most PCs now come with the wireless feature.

Now for you to tether your phone with your PC via the WiFi hotspot feature on your phone, follow the steps below;

= => Locate the WiFi hotspot feature on your phone and enable or turn it on… this feature is mostly located on the Wireless & Network, Settings section of your phone.

= => Then turn on the WiFi wireless feature on your PC by pressing the designated button.

= => Come down to the network icon situated at the task bar of your PC desktop and click on it to open and see available networks (wireless)

= => When you have done that, you will then see the available Wireless Network Connection…In this case which is the network from your phone, so click on the network then click the connect tab that shows up and wait for few seconds for the connection to be established.

After which the network should be established and your network will then indicate connected

Hurray! You have just succeeded in connecting your phone via WiFi hotspot with your PC through WiFi tethering.

It is important to note here that this is just one of the wireless ways of tethering your phone with your PC, and we have other form of wireless tethering like the Bluetooth tethering and we also have the wired USB chord phone-PC tethering.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box to express yourself.
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