Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Breakthrough Technology: Discovery of Sugar Batteries that can last 10 times longer than Lithium-ion batteries

Long lasting battery technologies for powering gadgets have for years only witnessed slight improvement, as can be seen from a shift from Nickel based batteries to much better Lithium-ion batteries.

And even the Lithium batteries which prove far better than the former on most newly developed gadgets are still not left with various shortcomings such as inflammability, durability etc.

Therefore the need to still improve on the existing Lithium-ion batteries has constantly being sort for and the challenges for doing so have been daunting.

Breakthrough Technology: Discovery of Sugar Batteries that can last 10 times longer than Lithium-ion batteries

But recently, scientists have reportedly made a breakthrough technology to what appear is going to be a lasting solution to your phone and laptop batteries.

The breakthrough technology was a result of now being able to convert the chemical energy in sugar substrates into electrical energy to produce bio-batteries.

Normally, it is the process obtainable in common Lithium-ion batteries that powers most of your gadgets, i.e. the conversion of chemical energy into electricity.

But scientists discovered that the energy density contained in sugar is even higher than those that can be found in Lithium-ion batteries.

When subjected to test, they were able to achieve energy storage density of about 596 Ampere-hour per Kilogram (A-h/Kg) in the sugar bio batteries, whereas that of the normal Lithium-ion battery yielded energy storage density of about 42 A-h/kg.

In other word implying that the sugar batteries will be capable of running approximately 10 times longer than the Lithium-ion batteries.

Unlike the Lithium-ion batteries, the sugar bio batteries appear to be more environmental friendly, cheaper to produce, nonflammable and can be refilled and therefore are perfectly classified under renewable energy.

If the sugar batteries are finally developed into full commercial quantity bio-batteries, you might then be witnessing a situation whereby you can then use your gadgets for straight one week before charging and you can refill the battery to energize it when it gets weaker over a long space of time.
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Monday, September 1, 2014

How to easily detect whether a blog is built on Blogger or wordpress platform

Wondering whether that blog is built on Wordpress or Blogger?

Today in the blogosphere, Blogger blogs and Wordpresss bogs appear to be the most common and most used blogging platforms.

You can always have a great and attractive design on both platforms based on how well you customize their templates.

Several times, I have been confronted by many asking me how they could easily know the platform a blog is built on, so I now decided to use this opportunity to put it up here to show you how you can easily do that.
How to easily detect whether a blog is built on Blogger or wordpress platform

Though there are different ways you can use to determine whether a blog is powered by Blogger or Wordpress, for instance, most of the blogs carry their pride credentials on the footer of their page either clearly indicating powered by Blogger or Wordpress.

But you and I know that it is not in all cases that those credentials are found there, which might actually be as result of the owner deliberately making away with them or for some other reasons, and in such case you notice that it now becomes a bit complex to tell whether the blog is powered by Blogger or Wordpress.

Now for you to be able to easily detect whether a blog is powered by blogger or Wordrpess, here are the simple things you should follow;

= => To check for Wordpress powered blog, simply use the online tool Isitwp. Visit isitwp and just type in the url of the blog that we want to check for in the space provided there, and hit the check to find out button. A result will be shown to you telling you if it is Wordpress or not.

= => Now to check for Blogger powered blog, simply type the url of the blog in your browser address bar and include /?m=1 at the end of the url. When you do that, the mobile version of the blog will load without any error. Even if the mobile version of the blog was disabled from the Blogger dashboard, the desktop version will still load without any error and the /?m=1 will just change to /?m=0 in that case.

But whenever you do that and get pager not found error, you should know that that blog is not powered by blogger.

So those are the simplest ways you can easily determine a Blogger powered and Wordpress powered blog.

Alternatively, you can also just right click anywhere on the page and use your Ctrl + F button to find wp-content. For Worpress powered blog you will find plenty of the wp-content but for blogger you will not find such.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself.
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to apply coupon codes during online shopping

The term online coupon codes also known as vouchers are mostly promotional codes being offered by companies to their loyal customers to allow them shop at discounted prices on their platforms.

The type of coupons offered varies a great deal with different companies, as for some company coupons, their coupons are made in such a way that it can be used multiple times by different customers while for some, the coupon is unique to one per single customer.

In other words; usability, value of the coupons often depends on issuing companies. But one thing for sure that is common to all the coupons is that coupon codes all have validity period i.e. the time frame any given coupon is allowed to be used before expiration, which is also dependent on the company offering the coupons.
How to apply coupon codes during online shopping

Having thrown more light on what coupon codes mostly represent, now let’s delve into the topic of the day on how to apply these coupons during online shopping.

Applying coupon codes during online shopping is quite easy and most company’s coupons are often applied in similar manner.

The main thing you ought to know here is the point or time of application of the coupon codes during shopping.

*Coupon codes are often applied on the point of checking out (Payment) for your goods or services*

So during online shopping on the companies portal that allow the application of coupon codes for discounted shopping, after you must have located the items you want to buy, on the course of paying for the item with the available means of payment presented to you on the platform you are shopping from.

= => Immediately before the last action of completing your payment processes, always look around on that same page, you will often find a space requesting you to use voucher/coupon codes if you have any of them (always optional).

= => What you should do next is, if you have the coupon code at hand, at that point just input your coupon code on that space and click on the action button next to it to apply the coupon. The common action buttons normally used are “Use”, “Apply” etc.

After you do that, you will notice a price change (deduction) from the originally displayed price that you were to pay. And the deduction amount will be based on the value of the coupon code you have at that point. You can then go ahead to finalize your payment (shopping).

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself, or if you have additional question, you can equally do so and I will be glad to assist you further.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bye bye MSN Messenger

Do you remember our old and beloved web based MSN messenger that once ruled the internet together with Yahoo Messenger and AOL Messenger?

Now, Microsoft has announced that MSN messenger will be shutting down by the end of October.

Launched in 1999, the MSN was once the love and choice platform for many across the globe as excellent alternatives to Yahoo messenger and AOL messenger.

The MSN messenger which was later transformed to Windows Live Messenger has enjoyed its own time, but today, time has gone by and things have changed and MSN Messenger users have continue to decline to the barest minimum, when we now have better and much improved platforms like Skype, Facebook Messengers and the rest.

Bye bye MSN Messenger

In 2012, Microsoft has earlier announced that it will be shutting down Windows Live Messengers, but it seems they were not very serious then on the pronouncement as many Chinese locals were still seen heavily making use of the Windows Live Messenger.

But this time around, Microsoft is coming out harder and more serious on their earlier attempt to shut down the Windows Live Messenger by even alerting the remaining Chinese users on their October set date to bring the messaging platform down. And they have even started pushing them to be making use of Skype rather and even offer free Skype credits for those that will adhere to this pronouncement before the end date.

One would have expected users to show some signs of displeasure or regret on the pronouncement, but in this case, users took to their Twitter account to shower praise and bid the Windows Live Messenger platform farewell.
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Friday, August 29, 2014

My firsthand experience with the new Nokia X2 android phone

By now I believe you all know that the Nokia X2 is the 2nd series of Nokia android smartphones after the first X series that came in 3 variants of X, X+ and XL.

The first X series of Nokia android phones no doubt were like android case study for Nokia, but having the X2 now, you get a much improved features and functionalities.

Here, I just want to give you my firsthand unbiased experience with the Nokia X2 by pointing out some features that might interest you and for those that are planning to get one of the devices to really know what they are going for.
My firsthand experience with the new Nokia X2 android phone

Let’s take you straight now into the topic of the day which is my firsthand experience with the new Nokia X2 android device.

With the X2 at hand, I want to say that Nokia did a better work here than the former series. Firstly, I want to start with the size of the device, as you might have known the Nokia X2 features a 4.3 inches display, making it intermediary between the Nokia X and that of the XL and giving it a perfect portability and hold ability unlike the XL that many say it is too big and not very hold able with one hand.

Then coming to the back of the X2 which also serve as the battery cover and the color determinant of the device, it has a more glossy cover making it look more attractive than the former.

Now for the display quality, obviously nothing changed as with the former, still the same picture resolution of 480 X 800 pixels. The camera too is the same with that of the XL featuring 5MP with LED flash, so nothing much to say here.

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Coming down to the buttons, the X2 has additional home button as can easily be seen and this is in addition to the back button that was the only button that was featured in the formers series.

Then still on the buttons, one might easily think that the additional home button might serve dual or multiple purposes, i.e. in addition to taking you to your home screen, long key pressing to show you other open apps for easy multi-tasking.

But that was not the case for the X2 device as expected, the included home button serve just a single purpose of taking you to your home screen at any point in time. Rather that anticipated feature of long key pressing to show other open apps was assigned to the back button.

Then deeper inside the phone, you know it came with 1GB RAM which is quite impressive as compared to the former that featured 512MB and 768MB RAM. With the 1GB RAM for the X2, you will not notice any lag time when opening and working on heavy apps and also when playing heavy games unlike the former.

There is WiFi and WiFi hotspot that work just very fine on it either through tethering in or tethering out and also the 3G is equally fast as with other devices with HSDPA.

Installing and making use of app like Whatsapp is still a little problem on the Nokia X2, except you install it through the backdoor method before you can use it easily.

The X2 came with only one browser, i.e. the Opera mini browser which is its default browser and just as recently announced by Microsoft that all its new and future phones will be getting the Opera mini as its default browser as result of recent partnership with Opera.

As you know, you can always download other browsers of your choice in the Microsoft store or other stores.

Going inside the uncovered back of the phone you will find the spaces for the dual micro SIM and that of the microSD card. Here, one of the SIMs can be inserted without needing to take out the battery unlike the former series.

Android apps works fine on the X2 and so are Microsoft apps too.

So those are my discovery and experience with the new Nokia X2 android device and serving judgment from my end, I will say it is a pretty good device with perfect size for smartphone.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Download the latest 2go 4.02 version now

If you think that people no longer use 2go, then try and visit 2go rooms and see for yourself.

As you all know by now that 2go was once the king of social mobile chat app, but was overthrown by other mobile chat app that evolved thereafter. Maybe you can say it was as result of stiffer competition that made 2go yielded its kingship.

But nevertheless, the South African developed mobile chat app is still constantly rebranding and upgrading its platform into something better.

About 4 months ago, 2go upgraded its platform from version 3.0 to version 3.8, and now again even to show their commitment to giving its teeming users something of mind-blowing standard, they have gone again to update from the previous version 3.8 to the latest version that you have today as version 4.02.
Download the latest 2go 4.02 version now

For those that have recently succeeded in downloading this latest version, they considered it as quite impressive and even those that find it difficult to visit their 2go chat app recently have vowed to go back as result of this impressive and latest version of the app.

Now if you still doubt how impressive this latest 2go version is, then why not just give it a trial and see the changes there for yourself.

If you want to download the latest 2go version 4.02, you can just do so by downloading it here with your device, install and enjoy.

After downloading, installing and trying the latest 2go version out, you can still come here to tell us your experience about the new version, whether you were impressed or not, and to do so kindly use the comment box below.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Will the current Innjoo ranges of smart-phones threaten Tecno Mobiles smartphones in the emergent market?

For the past 2 years now till present, Tecno Mobiles smartphones have been making strong waves in most of the emergent smartphone markets across the globe.

And Tecno Mobiles on their parts were able to capture those markets because of two major factors, which is the ability of them to offer android devices with full functionalities as those offered by giant mobile companies like Samsung, HTC, LG etc.

The second factor was their ability to offer those devices at very low prices as compared to those offered by those other companies mentioned above.
Will the current Innjoo ranges of smart-phones threaten Tecno Mobiles smartphones in the emergent market?

But if you have been following the phone markets closely especially that of the emergent markets, you will notice that more and more phone companies are evolving by the day and some of them are even offering more mouth watery products as compared to those Tecno Mobiles are already offering.

The latest and most pronounced inclusion in the market is the Innjoo Company. And with the varieties of smartphones that Innjoo are currently introducing into those markets, one could only but fear for Tecno Mobiles, because those two factors that Tecno Mobiles used in capturing those markets, it seems Innjoor is offering something that appears better in both ramifications.

About a month ago, Innjoo launched into the market the Innjoo i1S smartphones with what any phone savvy individual will regard as high end featured phones.

The Innjoo i1S devices featured quad-core processors, 8GB internal memory, 1GB RAM, latest android 4.4 Kit Kat OS and host of other high features. The most mind blowing factor about the devices is the price that Innjoo was offering them, at ridiculously cheap price of something just slightly lower than $100.

As if that is not enough, just within a space of 1 month, Innjoo launched the Innjoo i2 ranges of the smartphones which in additions to those other features, this time comes with octa core processors and are being offered at another ridiculously cheap price of about $120.

Seeing all these happening presently, one would only but ask the question that the topic of the day present, which is, ‘if the Innjoo smartphones could end up threatening Tecno smartphones in those emergent markets?’

Over to you…What are your own take from the subject of discussion? Kindly use the comment box to share your opinion.
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