Saturday, July 26, 2014

5 surefire ways to fast track your blogging skills. Guaranteed!

I have said this time without number that blogging is a skill that involves the art of content creation but not an innate ability, therefore it can always be learnt and almost perfected in any stage of one’s life.

I have seen 70year old blogging and if a 70years old man can still blog then what about you?

One thing I will like you to know here is that there are no limits to the amount of skills that you can acquire as a blogger. Just as everyday of your life present you with entirely different and new learning curve, there is always room for new skills and improvement in blogging.
5 surefire ways to fast track your blogging skills. Guaranteed!

Again, one major head-on you can get in your everyday blogging or in your quest in acquiring more skills in blogging is by fast-tracking your learning or skills developmental process.

You will agree with me that it is by far better for you to start blogging today and within the next 6 months of blogging, for your blog to be touching the sky than for it to take a year before getting close to the sky.

In that vein, we bring you the 5 surefire ways you can fast-track your skills and take your blog to the sky in no time.

1.      Learning from the right mentor and sources – it is a pity today that the blogosphere is getting saturated with the rate at which blogs are being proliferated on daily basis. This on its own has presented a kind of problem. It is even getting more difficult by the day to know the right sources or the right mentor to follow in acquiring the proper blogging skills.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry today has something to present when it now comes to blogging, whether they are genuine or scraped and stolen copyrighted contents, all will be presented to your face at the click of a button.

This whole thing is making identifying and choosing the right mentor to seem as a mirage. For sure if you can lay your hand to the right mentor in blogging or right sources immediately, it will save you huge amount of useful time and energy than picking the wrong mentor that will end up delaying your skills acquisition process and progress.

So it is very important, you exercise whole lots of wits in choosing your blogging mentor and also in learning from the right sources to avoid all those delays.

Don’t just be ubiquitous for nothing, try and be ubiquitous for tangible knowledge

2.      Practice makes perfect – For your blogging skills to skyrocket in no time in the blogosphere, you have to practice and practice and practice again and again. All those little little skills you are acquiring or gaining from others, you have to make them work for you by putting them into full practice.

You don’t just continue learning and learning without practicing out, but you have to try out things and implement them even on your own to see how well they will work out.

By constant practice, you end up perfecting the art of blogging and the art becomes in you as if it was innate ability. By so doing, even codding becomes as easy as ABC and what it is tantamount to is that you now work at fast pace when you have gotten mastery of the blogging skills you have been practicing.

3.      Consistency and persistency will surely take you to promise land- the truth is that in blogging skills developmental stage, it gets better with time. If you are the type that blogs today and blog no more tomorrow, then the big question is how do you now intend to fast track your blogging skills?

One of the sure things that will fast track your blogging skills is on how consistence and persistence you are in the field.

4.      Google is your friend – Did I see you forget that Google is your friend? Yes, Google is truly your friend when it comes to helping you fast track your skills in blogging.

To me, one of the greatest innovations, if not the greatest in our time is the Internet Technology. And today, you can hardly mention the internet without mentioning Google.

What is that that you are looking for to help you in fast tracking your blogging skills, and that your physical blogger friend or mentor cannot provide answer to? Do you know that Google is even a more powerful mentor? Why not just ask Google and see for yourself if the answers you were looking for will not just come out from the thin air.

Yes, I fully concur, Google is also my good friend

5.      Setting up target for yourself – Many bloggers are guilty of this. If you doubt, turn around and ask some of your blogger friend, what they want to achieve with their blogs and in what time they planned achieving that. It will amaze you that some have not even set up any target for themselves.

This does not only apply to blogging but also in other real life situations. It is always a good habit and good practice to set up targets in whatever you are doing that you intend to achieve something tangible out of it.

In the blogosphere, if you set up reasonable targets and the time you want to achieve them, it will help you a great deal in working towards fast tracking and achieving those skills.

In conclusion, I affirm the earlier saying that blogging is an art that can be acquired and by following the 5 ways of fast tracking your blogging skills enumerated above, the sky will no longer be your limit but a starting point.

If you are happy with this piece, why not use the comment box to express yourself. Please also share this with your friends so you can improve and fast track your blogging skills together with them.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to roll over your MTN unused internet data bundle

You might have known by now that MTN now allow rolling over of unused internet data bundle to next subscription date.

As result of many requests I have been receiving lately pertaining to users complaining of not getting their previous unused data added to their new subscription after expiration, I have decided to use this opportunity to clear the air on how MTN data roll over works.

Without wasting even a single time, let’s go straight to the business of the day.
MTN data roll over service

It is important to note first of all that MTN data roll over offer is only applicable to MTN monthly data subscription plans, be it the MTN monthly night plan, monthly daily plan or any other plans meant for 1 month duration.

Now, how you roll over your MTN unused previous data plan into your new subscription?

To roll over your MTN unused monthly data plan, all you have to do is for you to endeavour to recharge your credit balance with the exact amount or more for the monthly plan you were previously subscribed to before the expiration of your active monthly plan.

By so doing, when your active plan now expires, you will automatically be subscribed into a new monthly plan and your unused previous data if any will automatically be rolled over into the new subscription.

For example, let’s say you subscribed for the monthly night plan of N2,500 on the 24th of last month, for a rollover of unused data to be effect and incorporated into your next subscription, you have to make sure that you have recharged at least N2,500 in your credit account balance before the 24th of this month which your previous subscription is meant to expire.

Otherwise any subscription made by you after the expiration of the previous month subscription will not effect the rollover data and you will have to forfeit your previous unused data.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself, and don’t forget to share this with your friend so they too will be able to recover their unused previous monthly MTN data.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New airtel android monthly data plans finally launched

Airtel has been tasting the android monthly data plans since last week, and finally, they have launched the plan for android users. Android users can now heave a sigh of relieve with this welcome development.

It seems airtel always set the pace for other networks to follow when it comes to innovations or pioneering of new stuffs.

I could remember vividly that airtel was the network that pioneered BBM plans for android before MTN followed suit.
Airtel android monthly data plans

Once again, they have done it again by pioneering android monthly data bundle plans.

Now for all those android users clamoring for android data plan, airtel has harkened to your voice, by coming up with 3 different monthly data plans for android, and the good thing is that the plans do not zap data bundles.

The newly introduced airtel android monthly data plans with their prices are as follows;

= =>2GB for N200
= =>3GB (Night plan) for N2,500
= =>4.5GB for N3,500

How can subscribe to any of these android monthly data plans?

To subscribe to any of the monthly plans, just pick up your phone with your airtel line inside and dial *141*1#, then reply with the corresponding number for the android subscription which is 2 in this case, and reply again with 1 for the Android monthly plan that will come up. You will then be presented with the 3 different monthly plans above and finally reply with the corresponding number to the plan you will want to be subscribed into. When you do that just wait for some seconds for the plan to propagate, and make sure you have the required amount of credit balance before subscribing.

Android users, are you now happy with airtel for that? Or you still consider it as quite expensive and will rather wait for other network to come on board with the plan as to enable you weigh options to get the best bargain.

Let’s hear fron you down the comment section.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nairaland Explore 3: How to constantly hit Nairland front page with your topics to drive massive traffic to any of your page

We have come to draw the curtains close with the last topic on the Nairaland Explore topics that all started last week and that were geared towards enlightening and making you get the best out of Nigerian number one online forum.

In today’s final topic as you can see, remember I told you in Nairaland Explore 1 and 2 to watch out for the last topic, as it appears to be the most useful and most interesting of all.
We are going to be unraveling the mystery behind front page topics and how you can constantly hit the front page of Nairaland to drive in that massive traffic to any part of your page, be it blog or full website.
Nairaland Explore 3

Having described Nairaland very well on the introduction and how to register, create new thread and post comments as can be found on Nairaland Explore 1 and Nairaland Explore 2, today is a different ball game entirely or you can call it the advance way of using Nairaland.

Now with all the bubbling activities taking place on Nairaland, Nairaland has become a major source of traffic to bloggers and other webmasters. The traffic that Nairaland can drive to any blog is huge, especially when members succeed in creating topics on the forum that hit the front page with link to their pages at the bottom of the topic or signature line.
The big question and your major concern here is on how to constantly hit the front page with your topics in order to drive that massive traffic to your pages. That is exactly what I will be telling you right now.

If you have landed here with the sole aim of learning how to constantly hit Nairaland front page with almost every topics you created, then I will be truly sorry to disappoint you….but just wait for a moment let me tell you this;

What I will tell you will no doubt change your entire mentality concerning Nairaland front page and will also give you full understanding of how daily topics on the forum get to front page and how you too can possibly hit the front page in no time.

Let’s drink the juice now together…Here are the basic and interesting facts you ought to know first about Nairaland front page in your quest of getting there;

= =>The front page of Nairaland as it is popularly called is also the homepage of the forum.

= =>Nairaland front page is the most visited section of the forum that attracts most traffic, and since almost everybody visiting Nairaland lands on the front page, with estimated daily unique page views of 100,000, the front page is really the first port of call with volumes visitors.

= =>Nairaland front page contains about 65 visible and interesting topic links, occupying the larger portion of the page and were created by members.

= =>Everyday, about 15 to 20 different and interesting topics make it to the front page of Nairaland. In other words, Nairaland moderators push 15 to 20 topics created by members at other different sections of the forum to front page on daily basis.

Now, having said all that and having all the Nairaland front page  facts in your custody, the next question that should pop up in your mind is on how many new threads or topics that are being created on daily bases by members?

It is estimated that on the average, every single hour of the day new topics are being created mostly from 6AM to 12midnight (when most members are active or awake), that about 1,200 new topics are being created each hour thereby totaling an average of 22,000 new unique topics per day.

I hope you are flowing along? With the average of 22,000 new topics being created on the forum every day, what that simply implies is that the moderators have to battle and are left with no choice than have to move only 15 to 20 of those topics to front page daily (which is just about 1% of those volume topics).

With these interesting facts, you now get to understand why so many other interesting topics will not make it to the front page and you will want to agree with me that judging which topics to move to the front page with those statistics will definitely not be an easy task.

For you to now make it to front page with your topic will then be mostly dependent on how your luck can drive your topic and not really based on the idea that your topics were not interesting enough. At this point you should have nothing to neither worry about nor start blaming anybody if you feel your well-crafted and wonderful topic is supposed to make it to Nairaland front page, but rather exercise patience and wait for luck to smile on you.

Many allegations have being brought upon Nairaland CEO and the moderators that they mainly push sponsored topics to front page regardless of whether the topics are interested or not, but the veracity of such claims cannot be ascertained at this point and all I know and can say is that I have hit Nairaland front page several times with my topics without paying any dime to anybody. I was even there with one of my topics yesterday (maybe you might want to consider me as being lucky).

Finally, with all the findings, there are truly no specific or guaranteed way of constantly hitting Nairaland front page with your topics owing to the volumes of topic being created daily and the complexity in making front page topics selection. But that notwithstanding, the more interesting and appealing your topics or your threads are, the better chance they stands to be moved to front page by moderators.

If you have not made it to Nairaland front page before, keep trying I know you will soon be there, create interesting topics; stories that touch, breaking news, and you will see that luck will smile on you.

If you are happy with this piece, please kindly use the comment box to tell us, and don’t also forget to share the knowledge you acquire from here to your friends. Always learn to be generous when it comes to knowledge sharing.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Scrutinizing blackberry Z3 as blackberry keeps hope alive from dipping down

Blackberry Company has really struggled in recent times to remain relevant in the ever evolving phone markets. As you might have all known by now, that the company has been made to look marginalized in the hands of their flourishing competitors and to the extent that they almost threw them out completely from the phone markets.

But Blackberry ever determined to remain solid and fight till the end to see if they can regain their lost glory, has again come up with their latest product that have been gradually spreading across the phone market ever since its release last month.
Blackberry Z3

With their newest and latest flagship being the Blackberry Z3, many are still in doubt that the company still needs to do more than the current Z3 if their chances of resurrecting are to be seen on a brighter side.

Now let’s look at the features of this blackberry Z3 as you be the judge, to whether it can throw them back to the spot light;

= =>Network: 2G and 3G
= =>SIM: mini SIM
= =>Dimension: 140 X 72.8 X 9.3mm
= =>Display: 5.0inches capacitive touchscreen with 540 X 960 resolution
= =>Camera: 5MP primary camera with 2592 X 1944, Auto Focus, LED flash and with 1.1MP secondary camera
= =>Video: video calling and recording with 1080p
= =>OS: Blackberry 10.2.1
= =>Processor: dual-core 1.2GHz Krait 200 CPU with a Qualcomm MSM8230 Snapdragon 400 chipset and Adreno 305 GPU
= =>Internal memory and RAM: 8GB and 1.5GB RAM
= =>Card slot: MicroSD up to 32GB
= =>WiFi Connectivity and Bluetooth: WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth v4.0, A2Dp
= =>Battery: Non-removable 2500mAh
= =>Others: SNS integration, active voice cancellation with dedicated mic, GPS, JAVA, HTML 5 browser, FM radio, document viewer, video editor, numerous music and video formats etc.

You can also read: Blackberry, a sinking ship

The blackberry Z3 have already made their way into some countries phone markets but have yet to circulate round to some other countries, and the starting price has said to be somewhere around $250.

With the above features of the blackberry and with the company struggling to stay relevant, what your takes on the blackberry Z3 are, as pertains to blackberry struggling nature?
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lazy man technology: The automatic toothpaste dispensers

Sometimes, the way some particular pieces of technologies are presented could be rather funny, more so with some of the new innovations like that of the topic in question; the automatic toothpaste dispenser.

You will want to agree with me that the moment some people start waking up early in the morning and heading to the bathroom sink to brush their teeth, but then, if they find squeezing of toothpaste tube to drop some paste on their brush as somewhat inconveniencing or difficult to do, I must tell you that at this point, laziness has truly set in and they need lazy man technology such as the toothpaste dispenser.
The automatic toothpaste dispensers

I think even the Queen of England will have no much issue with squeezing out certain amount of toothpaste from the tube by herself.

Automatic toothpaste dispensers are new generations of home products designed to use vacuum technology to squeeze out just the right amount of paste to your toothbrush at the push of a button.

They are mainly made up of hard plastic with hole at the top side where you can insert the paste tube and another hole at the front side where you can horizontally insert your toothbrush and also a knob where you tap to free the required amount of toothpaste onto your toothbrush.

The automatic toothpaste dispenser, developed by a German has been able to solve some of the initial problem encountered at its developmental stage; Problems like toothpaste drying up in the tube or becoming watery and pouring uncontrollably.

They also come with toothbrushes holders which in most case are capable of holding up to 4 to 5 brushes in vertical positions.

If you think the automatic toothpaste dispensers were made for you, they are available in most online household equipment shops online and also offline near you, so you can easily pick one for yourself and enjoy all the benefits it promises.
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Extremely easy steps to removing Windows account password entirely

Has there being any time you set up your Windows PC to request for password on turn-on before getting to your desktop but you no longer need the password request? I.e. you now decided that you want to remove the password entirely so you no longer have to input any password before getting straight to your desktop after your PC boots up.

For a personal computer, one might decide to remove password request for faster access to desktop, because since your computer is not for public use of any sort, one might deem the password request as needless or more or less complete waste of time in accessing your desktop, and thus, develop greater urge to remove it entirely.
Extremely easy steps to removing Windows account password entirely

Many people as you may know don’t like restrictions or delay of any sort to whatever they are doing, me too I don’t like it either. I like getting straight to the desktop of my Windows PC anytime I turn my PC on immediately after boot without having to take additional action. If I see a way of taking off the boot time and just landing straight to my desktop after pressing the On button, it will even be better for me…wink…I believe that many people are like that too.

Now let’s head straight to business…If you want to know how complex the topic of the day is, i.e. removing that password which you created for your Windows PC entirely, then try researching on it or maybe Googling it for solution.

And I tell you, the answers that you will be presented with can even make you reverse your mind from wanting to remove the password. If you are not tech savvy enough, then forget about the whole process that will be suggested to you.

Most answers that you will receive will come with its different range of complexity, from suggesting to you to re-install your Window OS entirely or visiting the BIOS section of your computer to clear memory or even creating another bootable disk to boot your computer from other location and so many other complicated suggestions.

You will now agree with me that those suggestions above are truly not for the faint hearted when it comes to computer technology and require some level of expertise.

Here is the big deal, what if I now tell you that if you are looking for the easiest steps of achieving that, that you should just come down here, and yes I mean here…with just few steps that even a baby that started using computer today can also follow and achieve it in less than a minute, will you say I am kidding you?

Alright, I think I have spoken a lot…straight we go. If that your Window PC password now annoys or frustrates you in any way and you feel like doing away with it entirely (we are not talking of forgotten password here) that the next time you turn on your PC, it takes you straight to your desktop after boot without requesting for your password again, then follow the extremely easy steps below.

= =>With your Window PC turned on, head straight to your Control Panel = > User Account and Family Safety = >Change your Windows Password

= =>On the change your windows password, you will be presented with 3 fields for you to fill in the new password, to retype the new password and to give password hint.

= =>All you need to do now is just for you to leave those 3 fields empty and just click on the next tab and the magic is done.

Your windows password request will be removed by just doing that, and you can then decide to test it by restarting or shut down your computer and turn it on again, you will see that it will no longer request you to key in any password before taking you to your desktop after boot.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself, and don’t forget to share this with your friends too.
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