Sunday, August 30, 2015

Check Out The Mind-Blowing Specs Of latest Zopo Speed 7!

Chinese start up mobile phone Company known as Zopo has this latest device known as  Zopo Speed 7 with such huge and mind blowing specs.

The 2015 Zopo Speed 7 features 5.0inches screen with a display resolution of 1080 X 1920p; it features a 64 bit 1.5GHz octa-core Mediatek MT6753 processor.

The back camera of Zopo Speed 7 came with 13MP and 5MP front facing camera.

It came with internal memory of 16GB coupled with 3GB RAM for smooth running of the device and it runs on android 5.1 Lollipop.

With 4G LTE network support on its dual SIMs, the Zopo feature is no doubt on a very high side

The back is packed with 2500mAh battery capacity.

And this device won’t cause you to break bank before you can snap it up; with $197 you are good to go.

If you are more interested in similar device with larger screen, Zopo has it in the latest elder brother of Zopo Speed 7 that is called Zopo Speed 7 Plus with 5.5inches display and 3000mAh battery, which are the only differences with the Speed 7.

And since India we now all know has recently become the greatest market destinations for smartphones, Zopo has recently launched the Speed 7 in the Indian market, hopping to get a fair market share for their amazing device.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Use MTN Weekly Or Monthly BIS BBLITE Plan With Simple Server or Psiphon For Unlimited Browsing On Android and PC Without Fear

Yes you heard me right and I know most of you have been grooving the daily MTN BBLITED plan on your android and PC using simpler server or Psiphon, and are still enjoying it now even as I type this.

Now what about the weekly and monthly BBLITE plan, why have you been dodging to use them but rather use only the daily plan?

The thing here is that, long before now when we first introduced the MTN daily BBLITED plan, we noticed that the daily plan works smoothly; while the weekly and monthly plans also work, but not very smooth at some particular time of usage – you will always notice constant disconnection while using them and thus making people to prefer mostly the daily plan.

But we can confirm to you that that was before and as I speak to you now, the weekly and monthly MTN BIS BBLITE plans now works as smooth as the daily plan when used with either Simple Server or Psiphon on android or PC.

So now, for you to get best bargain for you money, you can now consider going for the MTN BBLITE weekly and monthly plan that costs only N350 and N1000, instead of always opting for the daily plan that goes for N70.

To subscribe for the N350 weekly BBLITE plan, text BBLITEW to 21600 while to subscribe for the N1000 monthly plan, text BBLITEM to 21600

Then if you don’t still know how to set up simple server or Psiphon with any of the above subscriptions to browse on your android, follow the steps to download and set up simple server for android.

For Psiphon download and set up for android, follow the steps here.

If you are more interested in using the subscriptions on PC, then use simple server for  up 
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Innjoo Is Cooking Up Halo and Fire Pro For Next Week Launch

Innjoo seems to be a bit quite since the launch of Innjoo Fire, allowing Tecno and Infinix to be shinning with per second releases of new devices.

Tecno has nothing less than 5 devices in less than 3 months already; Infinix on their part has nothing less than 4 devices in their arsenal, all since the Innjoo Fire was launched.

But information gathered so far revealed that Innjoo is cooking up two new devices, Innjoo Halo and Innjoo Fire Pro slated for next week launching.

And not only that, we all know that Innjoo has poor record in battery making, but this time around, they singled out that particular feature and promised that they will impress this time around with devices with improved battery.
Innjoo Halo

That is the only secret revealed by Innjoo about the devices that will be coming up next week.

I guess they want to really surprise fans this time around by not letting the cat out of the bag in the specs of the new devices, especially the Innjoo Halo.

For Innjoo Fire Pro, you know that this device has been unveiled in other countries long before now, but not in Nigeria.

Now for an Innjoo event slated next week in Nigeria, we will definitely see the Innjoo Fire Pro debut alongside the Innjoo Halo.

For those that are about picking up the latest Infinx Hot 2, I don’t know whether to tell you to wait till next week and see what Innjoo has in stock, because we all know that Innjoo is good at slashing down prices of their devices, and you cannot tell, maybe we will have another budget for money device that will truly worth the wait and outsmart the Infinx Hot 2.

Let the smartphone wars continue in Tecno VS Infinx VS Innjoo…we are all keeping fingers crossed and expecting real surprise from Innjoo.

Will you wait to see Innjoo Halo and Innjoo Fire Pro or you will still go ahead and snap up the Infinx Hot 2 that is currently selling like crazy?
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Need Traffic? Facebook Got You Covered As It Hit Unprecedented Milestone of 1Billion User per Day

It has become common knowledge that sometimes people go to extreme length sourcing for what ordinarily they can equally source and get from their backyard without hassle.

For example, you have an online business and you need traffic to boost your business, instead of looking close by for traffic, you chose to look further.

And yes if you are online and look close by, there is highest tendency that you will see Facebook.

Apart from being the number one online social media in terms of popularity and population, Facebook has recorded yet another online milestone achievement of hitting a record highest of 1 billion users in a single day.

The chief executive of Facebook who also doubles as the co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg revealed this in his Facebook page and I quote “On Monday, 1 in 7 people on earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family” and he continued…. “This was the first time we reached this milestone, and it’s just the beginning of connecting the whole world”.

Recently, the number of active users in Facebook has surged tremendously both on the web based platform and mobile users; and the sky now seems to look as a starting point for this tremendous social media platform that have changed the way we do business and interact socially in the online world.

Facebook currently has some handful of projects it is working on; for example it is currently working on new technology that will shield video creators from piracy.

Again, it is on the verge of releasing its artificial intelligent social assistant known as “M” which is quite similar to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft latest Cortana.

Finally, we want to say big up to Mark and his team cos almost everybody loves Facebook.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Will You Rock This French latest Archos Diamond S Phone Ahead of Samsung Devices?

Though, ever since the development of Alcatel phones and Sagem, we are yet to hear much about French phones.

But this time around, a French firm known as Archos has raised the bar in launching the latest Archos Diamond S smartphone that wouldn’t cost anybody to break their banks the way they would have done if they were to go for Samsung or Apple phones in similar cadre.

It is not as if the Archos Diamond S phone is one hell of fantastic phone, but the features are quite on the higher end side and it will be an interesting feeling to hold once again French made phone and bring back the nostalgic feeling you once heard in the good old days of Alcatel and Sagem devices.
Archos Diamond  S

Talking about the latest Archos Diamond S smartphone phone, it features a 5.0inches display with 1280 X 720p resolution.

It came with an internal memory of 16GB with expandable microSD card and 2GB RAM for smooth operations, the new Archos phone features an Octa-core processor which is clocked at 1.5GHz.

With 4G LTE technology, it also came with a whopping 16MP back camera and 8MP front facing camera.

The device runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS and the back is packed with 2300mAH battery.

Archos Diamond will be rolled out to the Europe and US markets by November and will be priced at $250 which is quite cheap considering the cost other devices in similar category.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Unboxing, Testing, Personal and Quick Review of Infinix Hot 2 (Android One)

The essence of this personal and quick review of the latest Infinix Hot 2 is not to actually start highlighting the full specs again, as we have already done that in the InfinxHot 2 lands in style post when the phone was launched, but to draw attention and clarify people on those salient features that are recently raising the dust about the Infinx Hot 2, especially for those that are yet to lay their hands on this pretty device.

For example, the type of SIMs it is using, whether it has radio or not, whether the OTG works or not etc.

Now let start by clarifying you on those features of the Infinx Hot 2 that you might not ordinarily get full details on if you have not laid your hands on the device, because the other time, I was going through a famous phone tech site and they said the Infinix Hot 2 has no radio, but we found out that it actually came with radio.

You have requested for devices with notification light, and Infinx has decided to return the notification light that was almost getting absent in many of their new devices; so the latest Infinix Hot 2 has a fully functional notification light, in case you also love that feature in a phone.

Talking about the famous 3 soft keys that is usually locate at the bottom part on the body of most android devices, the Infinix Hot 2 has no soft keys on the body of the phone but the 3 keys are rather located inside, the bottom of the 5.0inhes display.

The internal capacity as you might have known by now is 16GB but with 11.10GB available as you already have 42 apps pre-installed for you that have consumed the other memories.

Then for the RAM, ordinarily, in other lower versions of Android OS, when you go to storage, you will be able to see the RAM size for your device, but as for the Infinx Hot 2 with Android 5.1 OS, there is no way you can see the RAM apart from installing and using other apps.

Getting down to the back of the device, the Infinix Hot 2 is packed with, this time around a removable 2200mAh Li-Po battery and also SIM slots for dual micro SIMs with the 3rd slot for microSD card.

Below, you can see the image as we tested the OTG of the Infinx Hot 2, but unfortunately this feature did not work for the device and not as if any of the accessories we used was faulty, as we immediately tested it side by side with two other different devices and the OTG cable and the MTN dongle with microSD inserted was fully detected in those other two devices.

Though it was quite surprising to notice that the OTG did not work for the Infinix Hot 2, even after you might notice in the storage section of the device, a place that indicates Insert USB for mounting in similar way it was for the microSD slot.

So we can say that OTG is not supported as it did not work when we tested it but OTA is fully in place and functional.

Now the verdict: The Infinx Hot 2 is no doubt a budget friendly phone with awesome specs; in fact I am tempted to say that is the best budgeted device currently in its category that you can get for yourself. And again, it will serve a perfect gift you can hand over to anybody.
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Will You Rock Glo 500MB Data For Just N100? Works On All Devices

Now for those of you that are looking for very cheap data plan that you can use to be cooling off when your major subscription gets finished, Glo is here again on the rescue.

With this latest Glo PAYU offer, you can actually get 500MB for only N100, valid for 7 days; I think this is currently the cheapest direct data offer on all networks without any form of tweaking and works on all devices.

How to get your Glo 500MB for N100

·     With your Glo line, load N100

·     In an SMS, send 500 to 7070

·     You will receive a reply message telling you that your subscription has been purchased and that you should send PAYU to 127 to activate, but you don’t even need to as your subscription is already on.

To check you data balance at any time, dial #122*22#

Though some fewer SIMs might not be eligible for this offer, but it still worth it.

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