Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Will I Lose my Bank Account If I fail to Register for the Compulsory BVN? See the 3 Major Implications of Failing to Register

Yes today is actually the final day for BVN registration and according to recent statistics about 14million Nigerians have registered and still about 14million Nigerian bank account owners are yet to registere for the compulsory BVN.

Now the panic is high and rumours have been flying here and there concerning the fate of those that did not or will not meet up today deadline date for registration and that is if at the end of the day the registration window is not extended by CBN.

One of Nigerian cultures over the years have always been to approach issues like this in fire-brigade manner; people only start coming out to register at the eleventh hour when there is rush and when everywhere is heated up.

Recent and similar occurrences were seen in the registration of the New National Identity Cards and in the registration and collection of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) where people only troop out at the die moment to get involved.

And today again here come the Bank Verification Number on ground and on the verge of registration closure.

Currently as I write this, there are panics everywhere and those that have not registered are unaware of what their fate on their bank account will finally turn out to become after today if they fail to register.

But the big question remains; will you lose your bank account and will your remaining account balance vanish after today on the event that you failed to register for the BVN?

Now listen up!

The answer to the above question is this; You will not lose your bank account if you fail to register for the BVN after today and your account balance will still be intact and you will still be able to withdraw the money in there at will and any time you like, just in similar manner that you have been doing before now.

So what are now the implications of not registering for the BVN?

Yes, not registering for the BVN has implications and the implications hovers mostly around 3 areas of carrying out transactions with your banks and which you will be limited to, and those areas are;

1.    You will no longer be able to have access to Credit facilities on your bank

2.    You will be ineligible to carry out foreign exchange transactions with your banks.

3.    Internet banking facilities will automatically be shot out at you and there is still on-going debate that you might also lose out on carrying out transactions with your ATM.

So those are core implications of failing to register for your BVN.

Now for those that have registered for BVN for long and have been waiting for the BVN to be sent to their phones as promised, just know that the text message might not come and it doesn’t not in any mean that your BVN is not yet ready.

If you have registered for long and have not received your BVN as text message, just go to any of your bank branch with the pre-BVN slip/paper that you were given and request for your BVN and the finally, you can now take your BVN to other banks that you operate other accounts for linking – this last process is less stressful.

Note that as result of National Issues and panics that the BVN registration has generated, we decided to put this up to sensitize the entire public on the real implications of not registering for BVN and to douse tension in the country.
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Best Airtel Android Data Plan as Airtel Introduces 1GB for N1000

Up till now, Airtel remains the only network with official Android data plan which they launched sometimes last year, and since then, no any other network as dare to officially launch an android data plan.

You could recall that the Airtel android data plan came only in two subscription packages where you can either get 2GB for N2000 or 4.5GB for N3500 apart from the 1+1 android data promo that you can get those two data packages doubled for one time offer on only eligible SIM.

But the good news here is that Airtel has introduced additional two android data subscription plans to the list of those two initial packages, bringing the total now to 4 different Airtel data plans.

One of the two newly introduced android data plan is what you can arguably say is now the best and cheapest Airtel Android data plan that gives you 1GB of data for N1000 at 1 month validity.

The second new package is Airtel android data night plan that gives you 3GB for N2500.

Now to subscribe for the Airtel android data plan of 1GB for N1000 or that of night plan, all you need to do is to dial the subscription code *141*1*3*1#.

And for that of the night plan of 3GB for N2500 you can subscribe to it by dialling *141*1*3*3#

Now I know you will want to know if Airtel still zaps data; but one thing you have to know here is that Airtel zaps mostly BIS data when used on other devices but using this android plan on android the data deduction is quite normal.

And again concerning the browsing speed of airtel network; one thing you have to know is mostly congestions that slow down the speed of these networks and since many people have ported away from Airtel, Airtel browsing speed has increased considerably in recent time.
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Monday, June 29, 2015

My Android Phone Data and Wifi Keep Turning Itself on; Here is a Fix

I know that some of you might have witnessed this type of problem where your android phone data and/or Wifi automatically turns itself on even when you did not switch any of them on.

I tell you that this type of issue is very worrisome as it can easily zap your data and credit balance at the twinkle of an eye if you have data hungry apps and airtime balance on your phone.

Now, the question is why will your android data and/or Wifi always turn themselves on automatically?

Obviously it is not supposed to be so and something is definitely wrong somewhere and here is the cause;

If you think that virus and malware only easily attack desktop computers but hardly attack android phones then I implore you to clear your eyes, shake your head and re-think.

And yes, you just heard it right, that kind of issue is mainly caused by very stubborn virus; in other words, your android phone has been infested with virus.

Now what should I do in this situation?

If you are facing the issue described above that keep your android data and/or Wifi automatically turning themselves on, you should quickly run to Google PlayStore and download McAfee Security and then use it to scan your device.

It will detect the virus(es) and list them out (some of them are in form of app), so you should immediately delete them with the McAfee and the issue will be resolved.

But there are some cases, because of the stubborn nature of the viruses, on trying to delete them, they will stick and you will not be able to delete them through McAfee; in this instance 

what you should do is to delete or disable them manually.

You can do that by going to Settings>>App>>All and look for the listed virus, then disable it or force stop, ignore the message that will come up when you try to disable and just go ahead.

When you have succeeded in doing that you will then see that your Data and/or Wifi will no longer turn itself up.

If you are happy with this, you can always use the comment box below to express yourself
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MTN Latest Free Browsing on PC/Desktop

Yes you read that right, today we are going to be giving you the latest MTN free browsing on your Desktop PC and it is absolutely free.

Are you ready to take this? If you are ready, I am also ready to give it out to you now, so join me now as we roll on how to browse free on your PC with MTN.

 We are going straight to business because I don’t like wasting your precious time.

= =>You need MTN Simple Server, Download this Simple Server

= => it is a zip folder, so unzip it, launch the executable file in it and minimize it

= => Now launch and configure your browser network settings to use manual Proxy configuration and key in for the HTTP proxy or server address and 8080 for the port

= => Insert any MTN SIM without credit into your modem, then connect and start browsing and downloading.

Very simple! Isn’t it?
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Flash/Install CWM Recovery on Your Rooted Infinix Hot Note Pro Now!

I don’t know whether I should hold and draw your ear now before you continue reading, but just go ahead and read anyway.

Android is a very nice, smooth and flexible OS and little wonder it is now dominating most other OS.

Again, rooting android devices even appear sweeter because it goes to open up the world of many opportunities and locked functionalities on your android; and there is no need to entertain any fear in rooting android only if you always do things accordingly, and more so you can easily unroot your android at any time.

But if you are the haphazard type (not meticulous), I can assure you that you can easily brick (destroy) your android even in a twinkle of an eye.

For precautionary measures when handling your android, especially if you have rooted it, there are first thing first you should endeavour to do, and since the topic of today is about Infinix Hot Note Pro, we are going to stick to that.

It is always advisable to flash ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery to a rooted android phone, even immediately after rooting will be best.

In case you don’t still know, CWM recovery is the most common and advance custom recovery of android devices, capable of perfectly cloning your device in backup/recovery process and therefore will be able to restore your phone to normal working condition should an accidental bricking occurs at any time.

The stock (inbuilt) recovery is not as strong and efficient as that of CWM recovery hence the sure need to flash CWM recovery.

Haven said all that, now we want to show you how you can easily flash CWM to your rooted Infinix Hot Note Pro phone.

To flash CWM recovery into your rooted Infinix Hot Note Pro device, follow the simplified steps below;

= => You need Infinix Hot Note Pro CWM recovery image file, download here

= => Move the downloaded CWM recovery image file to the root of your SD card

= => You need MobileUncle tool, download here if you don’t have it already

= => After you have downloaded and installed the MobileUncle app, launch it, locate and touch Recovery Update

= => In the Recovery Update choose the CWM recovery image file that you moved to SD root and Ok it

= => Now wait for it to install automatically and when it finishes, it will prompt you to boot into recovery, Ok it and you are done.

Hurray, you have just succeeded in flashing CWM into your Infinix Hot Note Pro

Please always remember to unroot your android before carrying out any update!
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Etisalat is the Fastest Browsing Network but not the Fastest Downloading Network, See the Fastest Downloading Network

After long testing and observation on the fastest browsing and downloading network among MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat, we have succeeded in finding out the fastest browsing network and the fastest downloading network under most stable/unstable conditions and environments.

Now listen up! Fact is this; a particular network can be the fastest browsing network but nowhere near the fastest downloading network.

After the rigorous testing and observation process, this is the benchmark of the topic of discussion;

And yes Etisalat undoubtedly emerged the fastest browsing network, beating MTN, Airtel and Glo but it is not the fastest downloading network.

Below is the fastest downloading network ranked from highest to lowest;

Top of the list fastest downloading network is MTN, followed by Airtel, Etisalat comes next and finally Glo is at the bottom.

If you have any contrary opinion or just want to say something about the topic of discussion, you are always free to use the comment box below for self-expression.
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Rise and Fall of MTN Zone Tariff Plan

MTN Zone tariff plan undoubtedly at some point in time rose to stardom and became one of the most cherished tariff plans by many across all the major GSM networks providers in the country if not even the most loved.

And you might want to start asking why so many people embraced the MTN Zone tariff plan more than other plans across MTN network and even when compared to other tariff plans of other competing networks.

Now, the reason might not be far-fetched as it is the wish of everybody that owns a mobile phone connected to a network to make calls and send SMS at the best or cheapest price rate ever both when calling on-net and off-net networks, and that was exactly what MTN Zone started offering to the teaming population of hungry GSM network users right from the time the plan was introduced by MTN.

MTN Zone Tariff Plan was the plan that allowed MTN subscribers to make very cheap calls both to MTN networks and off-net networks at unbeatable rate that is often determined by the cellular network available in your present location.

And with that, most MTN Zone subscribers were able to enjoy cheap call rates at different point in time and at different locations across the country; which ranges from making calls at very low rate of 4K/sec and sometimes it rises up a bit to 8K/sec, 12K/sec, 16k/sec and hardly does it get to 20K/sec and 24K/sec and SMS are still charged at the harmonized flat rate of N4 to all networks.

And that is how it has been for quite a long time since it was introduced and really competed favourably with other on-net and off-net tariff plans until this present time.

For any MTN prepaid subscribers that want to migrate to MTN Zone, he/she was to dial *135*1# and start enjoying all the benefits that come with MTN Zone tariff plan.

Yes, today the tide is gradually changing or we can conclude that is has changed completely and the sun no longer rise and set from east to west but the reversal is now the case at the mention of MTN Zone.

Presently, different complaints about the one most cherished tariff plans kept on pouring on daily bases, ranging from that the MTN Zone tariff plan now no longer drops below 12K/sec to that most time now it is pegged at 24K/sec in most locations and all these are contrary to the MTN Zone Tariff plan rate that they are familiar with in the past.

Many folks out there are now getting fed up with MTN Zone tariff plans and are now 100% ready and willing to port unlike before when they often find it difficult to try out other plans apart from Zone.

Sometimes I tend to wonder and ask myself if all these are happening to consolidated the saying that “the only constant thing in life is change

Now MTN Zone tariff plan I know will be finally nailed to the coffin in no time as all the major 4 GSM networks providers have recently introduced what arguably could be termed as the cheapest call tariff plans ever since they all started operating in the country.

And the these new tariff plans are all similar in their call rates charges and for MTN it can be seen in the new MTN True Talk Plus, while for Airtel it is the new Airtel Smart Talk and for Glo it is in the new Glo Gbam Plus and finally Etisalat has their new Etisialat Easylife 4.0 Limited Edition.

And since low priced call rate plans are the major determinant of the direction consumers tends to shift towards, we can now affirmatively tell you that MTN Zone tariff plan will after now no longer see the light of the day.
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