Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Round Up of Best and Cheapest Internet Data on All Networks Via Android Tweaking

Yesterday that I dropped August Round Up for normal and best Internet data subscription on all networks for those that don’t like tweaking, I know that some categories of people were not very happy with me.

And for them, it seems I sounded partial, and some have even started murmuring in the background on why I will just drop internet data subscriptions for only those that don’t like tweaking and what about them that cannot do without tweaking and that love tweaking of their devices in order to get those data very cheap.

Well, but since we don’t like leaving anybody out and even today being the 2nd of August, we have decided to drop August round up of best and cheapest internet data that is currently working on all networks or tweak lovers, so you can choose the one that will suit you for this August.

So for tweak lovers that love getting these internet data extremely cheap after tweaking their devices, here are the current working, tested and best internet data for MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat mostly via android tweaking;

= => For MTN

The BBLITE daily, weekly and monthly data plan remains the best and cheapest so far which you can tweak using Simple Server together with Autoproxy to power up all apps or alternatively you can use Psiphon tweaking.

= => For Airtel

Airtel has no current working tweaking of device data subscription, but the monthly blackberry unlimited data plan that was just increased from 2GB to 3GB for N1500 works on all devices

= => For Glo

The best and cheapest Glo data plan via tweaking to work with android and PC through tethering is still the Glo Blackberry monthly plan of N1000 for 3GB data which you can achieve via Android IMEI tweaking to that of blackberry

= => For Etisalat

The best and currently working tweak for Etisalat is the weekly or monthly Etisalat social plan for N150, which you can tweak using Simple Server or Psiphon to be able to browse on all sites.

And those are currently the cheapest and  working tweaks you can bank on.
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Round Up of Monthly and Cheapest Internet Data Without Tweak on All Networks and Devices

Yeah, today is the first day of August and for those that love subscribing straight ahead to the normal internet data bundle of MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat and also don’t like tweaking their devices in any form, we have August round up for you on the best and cheapest data plan you can bank upon for this month.

And these sets of monthly data bundle works on all devices all day and night.

So without even wasting a single time let give you the best internet data round up for this month of August that will surely rock your internet world;

= => For MTN

MTN Better Me data bundle subscription remains the best and cheapest monthly and legitimate data offer from MTN.

It offers subscribers 2015MB (2GB) of data at N2015 for one month. To subscribe, dial *123*4*3*1#

= => For Airtel

Currently we have to say that the cheapest Airtel data bundle is the newly increased BB unlimited data that works on all devices and that now offers subscribers 3GB of data for N1,500.

To subscribe for this Airtel plan, dial *141*16#

= => For Glo

The cheapest and best normal data for direct subscription on the Glo network is the Glo So Special data plan.

This plan gives you 4.5GB data for one month at N2,500 and to subscribe to this plan, text 58 to 127 in an SMS.

= => For Etisalat

Etisalat cheapest data bundle remains the 1GB plan for N1000, though this plan is not for every SIM and to subscribe if your SIM is eligible dial *229*2*7#

But Etisalat has the 2GB plan for all SIM at N2000 which you can subscribe by dialling *229*2*8#

So those are the best monthly and cheapest direct plans for all the networks that work on all devices. 
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How to Download or Save Images/Picture from Nairaland Directly to Your Phone

Nairaland as you might have known by now is Africa most populous and most visited online Forum with different topics sections.

If you are regular user of Nairaland, you might have noticed that unlike many other webpages that you visit daily and can easily save or download any standard images on those pages to your phone, Nairaland on its part because of the way the webpages are encoded, you cannot easily download or save images from Nairaland to your devices.

But that does not mean it is impossible to that, and this post was necessitated as result of after reading and seeing some Nairalanders telling others that one cannot save images to their devices directly from Nairaland.

And I am now saying that if you have tried to download images directly to your device from Nairaland and was unable to achieve that does not really mean one should conclude that it cannot be done as there is a way of doing that.

And today, I will be telling you how you can save any image you see on Nairaland directly to your smartphone without even having to edit or manipulate your way through.

Saving standard images format directly to your phone from Nairaland is as easy as ABC and all you need to do is to use your UCbrowser to browse Nairaland and save any images there to your devices just the normal way of saving images that you are familiar with.

If you try to use other browsers to save images from Nairaland, the downloaded images file will be converted into different format entirely and you will not be able to view it as image on your phone, but with UCbrowser, everything comes out just the way you want it.

And here we can easily say to you “that is the power of UCbrowser”.
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot and Wi-Fi Direct Explained

Many of you are familiar with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot and have been making use of these two wireless network technologies almost on daily bases to share internet networks and other resources, but not many of you might know much about the Wi-Fi Direct and how it really works.

So we have decided to throw more light on those 3 keywords especially the Wi-Fi Direct in order to enable those with little or no knowledge about it to get to understand what it truly represents.

Starting with Wi-Fi, we believe that Wi-Fi is now becoming a popular house hold name and that you can find on many consumer electronics devices that you and I use on daily bases.
Some have even gone to the extent to sort for the full meaning of the acronym Wi-Fi.

Starting with the acronym, Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity and it is that Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) that uses ultra-high frequency radio signals to transmit data.

So it requires a wireless access point from any nearby physical location that can transmit internet data to get you connected and online.

Most modern consumer electronic devices like your smartphones, computers, consoles etc. are Wi-Fi enabled, and we believe most of you have been using them.

Secondly is Wi-Fi hotspot; Wi-Fi hotspot is becoming as common as Wi-Fi on many modern devices and is also based on Wi-Fi Standard, and it is that physical location or spot that offers wireless network  using router that is attached to an internet server.

Now, to differentiate Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot on devices in simple terms, we say that Wi-Fi allows you to connect to a hotspot, while Wi-Fi hotspot gives out the internet access for Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to.

Finally the Wi-Fi Direct, this also is becoming common by the day, but not many people really know much about it and how it truly functions.

Unlike Wi-Fi that requires wireless access point, Wi-Fi direct is used to create ad-hoc (temporal) wireless network still based on Wi-Fi standard without the need of access point.

You can as well want to liken Wi-Fi Direct as the way Bluetooth works but with much faster means of transmitting data and again with Wi-Fi Direct, only one of the Wi-Fi devices need to be Wi-Fi Direct compliant to establish that peer to peer connection for data transfer.

One of the features in your smartphone that requires the use of Wi-Fi Direct is the Wi-Fi Display that allows you to screen cast.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tecno Camon C5 and Infinix Hottest One Next in Line

It seems Tecno and Infinix are planning something big for their fans as they two similar companies are teasing with new upcoming devices that will succeed their current devices.

The Tecno Camon C5 is most likely the next Tecno Phone on the way and Tecno are teasing fans with what seems like it is going to be first Tecno device with 4G LTE technology.

Some other likely features of the Tecno Camon C5 is that it will feature 5inches display with 720 X 1280 pixel resolution and will run Android 5.0 Lollipop OS.

Other known features, to us are not that impressive and just what you will find on their existing devices like Tecno Boom J7.

For Infinix, I don’t know whether they are planning to break Guinness World Record Book of companies with the most phones in a single season.

Just this year alone, Infinix has already produced 3 different models of phoned and here again they are still teasing with another that will most probably launch before the year ending.

Though nothing else has been heard of the Infinix upcoming device, apart from a pre notice slogan that Infinix are usually known for, which is a pure signal of something new on-board.

For example, you have heard of Infinix Slogans like Infinix Hero, Infinix Next Hero etc. this time around it is Infinix Hottest One and only a true insider at this point can know what Infinix is actually cooking up, and the Infinix phone model that will finally come up as Infinix Hottest One.

But we are keeping fingers crossed at this point and all hopping it comes out with good taste.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Install/Upgrade Windows 10

Full and official version of the world most awaited Operating System, Windows 10 made its debut today as expected and I can tell you that Windows fans across the globe welcomed it with cheer!

Now that Windows 10 is available, how can you upgrade to Windows 10?

As you might have known by now, Microsoft is offering Windows 10 free of charge to all for the first one year, so you have from now till 29th of July 2016 to get your free copy of Windows 10.

Today, we are going to be showing you the simple steps you can take to upgrade yours compatible system to Windows 10.

We have said it before that you can only upgrade to Windows 10 freely if your old desktop or tablet PC is running Windows 7 or above version of Windows, otherwise you have to purchase Windows 10 for installation.

You should note at this point that Windows 10 will be rolling out in badges to individuals and will finally go round as time goes on, so here is how to upgrade to Windows 10;

First of all for those that participated in the Windows Insider Program, you need not to do anything again as your copies are already rolling out and by now you should have been getting the notifications to install Windows 10.

Then for those that did not participate in the Window 10 Insider program, this is how you will install Windows;

= => First of all you need to Reserve a copy of Windows 10

= => After you have done that, you don’t need to do anything again until the day you will get a notification from Microsoft prompting you to Install Windows 10

= => Here, I know that what will be going on in your mind is that the whole Windows 10 download files you have heard about is about 3GB+ in size and you might want to know whether the total files will be available for you on the day of notification to download them all at once before installation.

But good a thing is that Microsoft has made everything a lot easier this time around, for you do not have to worry much about the download in that manner and that is the essence of reserving your Windows 10 copy.

What will happen is this, when you Reserve a copy of Windows 10, from that day on, Microsoft will start preparing your full downloadable copies for your system and will be delivering the downloads to your system gradually as update.

Now anything you get online with your system, updates of Windows 10 will be getting downloaded gradually at the background without you even knowing.

The day the download gets completed, and your system is ready to install Windows 10, Microsoft will then notify you to install Windows then, which you can choose to carry out the installation immediately or postpone it to a later and convenient time for yourself.

= => At this point before the Installation, as a good practice which is never compulsory, it is advisable to backup all your files and apps to an external drive.

= => Now talking about the Installation when you finally gets the notification on your system by Microsoft, you don’t need to be a tech expert before you can proceed with the installation; just the normal intuitive dialog boxes at certain point in the installation for you to click on Next to continue till the end of the process.

The Installation time, will take about 20 minutes or more as the case may be.

After everything, you will then get to see the newly Installed Windows 10 with the new Start up button and other features it offers.
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Quick/Instant Airtime Recharge Codes for Stanbic IBTC Bank and Unity Bank

Just as we promised that we will keep on rolling out the quick airtime recharge codes for different banks as they are made available.

For now we have been able to cover many banks in our 3 previous updates on the topic of discussion.

And you can relate to those topics if the instant airtime recharge code for your bank has already being listed.

For a recap or for those that are yet to see the previous updates, we started with this group of banks; First Bank, GTBank and Sterling Bank.

Then the next sets of banks were that of UBA, Fidelity, Eco and Sky bank. And we continued by dropping those for Access, Zenith, Wema and FCMB banks.

Today, we will be dropping the instant airtime recharge codes for Sanbic IBTC bank and Unity Bank and hopping that other remaining banks key into this welcome technology.

We always let you know that you can use any type of phone to carry out the instant recharge and you do not need any internet connection, even a Nokia Torchlight phone will be ok, as all you need is just for you to dial the required code for any particular bank.

Now here are the quick airtime recharge code for Stanbic IBTC bank and Unity bank;

= => For Stanbic IBTC bank, with your current phone number on register with the bank, dial the following code to recharge *909*AmountOfAirtime#

For example if you need N200 airtime, dial as follows *909*200# and will be credited instantly

= => For Unity Bank, dial as follows *322*215*AmountOfAirtime#

When the remaining banks not yet covered release theirs, we will keep you updated on that.
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