Saturday, March 28, 2015

Why Recently Gotten YouTube Adsense no Longer Displays on Blogspot Blog, Here is What to Do

Before now, Adsense gotten through YouTube and other Google partner programs is easy to integrate and displays on blogspot blog immediately after Adsense codes integration, but now, you will notice that Adsense ads gotten recently through those medium no longer display on blogspot just like that.

Though Google has not really at any point gave a specific reason on why new YouTube adsense will no longer display on blogspot without further verification process.

But we can easily adduce that to part of Google strict and continuously changing policies on the use of their Adsense program in the monetization of blogs and websites.

Old users of YouTube Adsense on blogspot are by no means affected with this latest development.

But for the new users, for you to now use Google third party Adsense on your blogspot, it is either you will apply for the Adsense through your Blogger earnings section or directly through Google Adsense platform or you submit that your YouTube Adsense with the blogspot url you intend using it on for verification and approval.

Once approved by Google, you can then go ahead to integrate the Adsense codes on your blogspot blog and be rest assured that live ads will thereafter start displaying.

Now for newcomers that are planning to get YouTube adsense and believing that they will integrate the codes on their blogspot and immediately start seeing live ads, should be in for shocker as YouTube Adsense no longer display on blogspot just like that.

If you are one of the newcomers as described above, you should immediately start seeking for plan B of making your YouTube Adsense display on your blogspot blog.

And the plan B here as already suggested above is in addition to applying directly for Adsense with your blogspot URL, you should endeavour that your blogspot blog is well built and complies with Adsense Policies.

Only with that you now stand a greater chance of getting easy approval by the Google Adsense Team.
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Code for checking MTN BetterMe Data Bundle Balance

If you will recall, that at the beginning of this year, MTN launched the MTN Better me app and Better me data bundles which gives MTN subscribers 2015MB (2GB) at the cost of N2015.

You are free to call this MTN Better me data bundle a bundle to celebrate the ushering of the year 2015.

The data bundle is currently and still perfectly blazing on any device you can think of and remember you can always subscribe to the plan by dialling the code *123*4*3*1# and it is valid for 30days.

Now to check for your MTN Better me data bundle balance at any point in time, simply dial this code *123*4*3*2# and your remaining data balance will be displayed.

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Your Blog/Site Alexa Global Ranking Dropping (Increasing)? Why You Should not Worry Much

As you might have known by now that Alexa is that popular metric site that ranks blogs/websites in order of importance, traffic or dominance using many different parameters.

Alexa ranks blogs/sites in both global scale and regional scales, and the lower in figure your blog/sites ranks, the more important it appears.

For example, a blog/site with a rank of 100K globally is seen as better than that that ranks 150K from Alexa perspective.

One of the things I recently discovered is that your blog/site regional ranking exerts greater influence on the global ranking scale.

Thus sometimes, if your blog/site global ranking is seen declining, it doesn’t necessarily means that your blog is losing traffic or relevance globally as can easily be suggested, but the global decline in ranking can be as a result of sharp changes to its regional ranking.

When we say sharp changes in regional ranking here, we are referring to changes in blog/site targeted country and not decline in regional ranking (importance).

We have a typical illustration here;

If formally your blog/site regional ranking ranks better in Nigeria than in the US, and as result of change in blog/site targeting or coincidentally, it happens that your blog/site starts performing slightly better in US ranking than Nigeria, there is every tendency here that your blog/site Alexa global ranking will start to drop.

And this doesn’t in any way means that your blog/site lost it Nigerian traffic or importance but the implication is that your blog/site just gained more relevance (sharp change) in the US.

As your global ranking drops in this instance of gaining additional and slight US relevance, your blog/site is seen by Alexa as having been shifted to a more competitive regions and hence you noticed that drop in global ranking.

At this point if you want your Alexa global ranking to start improving, it is either your blog/site gains or maintain additional and stronger US traffic or relevance or it should lose that slight US improvement back to the former region (stronghold), which is Nigeria as seen from the illustration above.

So sometimes, when you notice that your blog/site Alexa global ranking is dropping, don’t always see it as a decline in blog/site relevance but see it as a change in regional ranking (blog targeting) and that it has shifted to stiffer competitive region.

Keep up the good work and continue blogging it out and the sky will definitely be your limit!
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

How I Successfully Removed Stubborn Binkiland Malware from My Computer

Binkiland is a form of computer malware that disguises itself and find its way into your PC mostly when you are downloading freeware.

And when it finally gains access into your computer, it lodges itself into your computer registry and also changes the search tool bars of most of your major browsers into Binkiland search toolbar.

On the cause of its action, it can change the way you access the internet and exposes your activities to other major online security threats.

So whenever you noticed that you have obliviously installed Binkiland to your computer, the first thing you need to do is to find a way of uninstalling it and every other traces it came with.

But unlike your other applications, uninstalling Binkiland is not easy even when you follow the normal procedures of uninstalling programs.

You will require some technicalities and guidance for you to be able to do away with the Binkiland malware on your PC.

Below, I will be guiding you on the steps I took to finally uninstall Binkiland from my system.

You can follow these procedures to uninstall Binkiland and all it traces;

= => Download and install Adwcleaner here

= => Run it and use it to scan your computer. It will detect the Binkiland malware and remove it but will not remove all traces.

= => Now go to your Windows start button to open run or you can just use the shortcut keys to open it by pressing Windows key + r

= => Type in regedit in the run window and hit the OK tab to bring up the Registry Editor Window.

= => On the left hand pane of the Registry Editor Window, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER >> Software >> Microsoft >> Windows >> Current version>> run. Then delete the value GoogleChromeAutolaunch_4R55IRTDLJI8FH440923 and any other value with Binkiland

= => After that, you can now use your Window search box to search your hard drive for any remaining trace of Binkiland and manually delete any files and folders with the name Binkiland or something related to that.

= => Now go to each of your major browser Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer and reset/refresh them to default from the browser menu to finally do away with all the Binkiland toolbar on them.

And by so doing, you have succeeded in removing all traces of Binkiland from your computer

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Fix All Files/Folders Converted to Shortcut Problem in Your PC or External USB Memory Sticks

There comes a time when you are making use of your flash drives or other external memory sticks to transfer files to your PC and you noticed that all the files/folders in them have been converted to shortcuts and are now 1KB or 2KB in sizes.

These types of issues could be caused by a kind of USB virus and it sometimes spreads to all your external USB memory devices and even to your computer hard drives.

At this point, when you have been hit with such a virus, do not panic and hastily go ahead into formatting the affected device as doing so might even cause you more problem than you expect.

So what should I now do when faced with this type of problem?

Here is a perfect fix that will save you from losing your entire files and even prevent your memory sticks and hard drives from future occurrences;

= => Download USBFix and install it to you system…if your current antivirus gives you warning message while installing, just ignore it or better still you can disable the anti-virus temporarily and go ahead with your installation.

= => After you have downloaded and installed it, run the USBFix and it will scan and recover all the files that were converted to shortcuts from the affected drive and it will also help to prevent future occurrences.

Alternatively, installing and scanning the affected device with SMADAN anti-virus could also do the magic, but the method described above is just the solution to your problem.

If you are happy with this, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself.
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Monday, March 23, 2015

I Have not Gotten my Free Airtel 300mb, Come in and Get Yours Now!

Few days ago, I told you that Airtel is currently dishing out free 300mb of data to all its subscribers, and in that post, I showed you how to check for your own 300mb balance.

But I noticed that some of you, after checking with the code for your free MB, you did not see any free data and rather you saw pack: 0.00mb towards the end of the message.

Never too worry, cos your free 300mb is somewhere hidden in a place that only Airtel customer care attenders know where it is…Note that I am not telling you to start calling Airtel help line and start demanding for your free MB.

The real thing is that even if you check and still see 0.00mb, most of you have the free mb intact but it doesn’t display.

In other word just insert your Airtel SIM on your PC or phone and start browsing with your free hidden 300mb, regardless of whether you saw the MB or not after dialling the code.

Your free 300mb is just somewhere chilling and waiting for you to make use of it.

If it fails to browse, just know that you have not yet being giving, but relax and try it again the next day, cos the free mb is going round gradually.
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Infininx Hote Note VS Innjoo Note

The Infinix Hot Note and Innjoo Note are another 2 similar devices that you will like to know the features that put both of them apart.

The Infinix Hot Note is the latest Infinix device that was launched this month and is currently selling, while the Innjoo Note on the other hand was launched later part of last year and also in the market.

Today, we are going to be comparing both devices so you can easily see the features between the two that will best suit your need.

As we normally do here, we will be bringing out only the major features of both phones that show variations, bearing in mind that the other major features of both devices are the same.

Without wasting time, here are the features of both devices that put them apart;

= => The first noticeable difference between these 2 devices is there internal processor, the Infinix Hot Note features a 1.4GHz Octa-core Cortex-A7 CPU Mediatek Mt6592 chipset with Mali-450 GPU whereas the Innjoo Note comes with 1.3GHz Quad-core Cortex A7, Mediatek Mt6582 chipset with Mali 4000MP2 GPU.

= => The second difference is in their Camera pixel, Infinix Hot Note features an 8MP back camera with 2MP front shutter, while the Innjoo Note enjoys a higher back and front camera of 13MP and 5MP

= => The last notable difference is in their battery capacity, the Infinix Hot Not enjoys a whooping 4000mAh battery capacity while that of the Innjoo Note is 3000mAh.

You can also read: Tecno H6 VS Tecno M6

Those are the only major differences between the Infinix Hot Note and the Innjoo Note and you should remember that both phones are Notes with 5.5 inches display with 1GB RAM.

The Infinix Hot Note is currently selling for about $120 while the Innjoo Note sells for about $135.

Having seen the comparison features between these 2 devices, the choice now remains yours.
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