Friday, November 28, 2014

How to subscribe for Glo BIS with codes

You should already know by now that Glo is the hottest network in town, and this is as a result of being able to use your Glo BIS on android devices and PC.

The last time, we discussed on how you can check your Glo BIS balance with code i.e. if you have already subscribed to it either through the SMS method or through this particular method that we will be discussing.

Today now, we are going to be showing you how to subscribe for the hot Glo BIS plans with codes other than the SMS method which is more of a long-cut way, because I believe you all like short-cut methods of getting things done, same as me.
How to subscribe for Glo BIS with codes

By now, you should also know that there are other Glo BIS plan like the Glo BIS Absolute pan, but not everybody will be willing to doll out N1,500 and N500 for the Glo BIS absolute monthly and weekly plan, especially when you can get similar thing for lower amount.

Research has shown us that most people are just too comfortable with the Glo Blackberry Complete Plans that go for only 1k for the month and N400 for the week, offering the same amount of data with the other plan mentioned above, i.e. 3GB for 1 month and 700mb for the week.

Since you are Ok with the with the 1k and 4h plans, I will be showing you the codes to use in subscribing to this very Glo BIS complete plan.

Now, other than taking the long SMS route of sending COMONTH or COWEEK to 777, you can just follow the short steps below to subscribe for your Glo BIS with codes;

= = >Recharge your Glo line with N1000 or N400

= => Then dial *777*21# for your monthly Glo BIS plan or *777*22# for weekly Glo BIS plan
It is important to note here, that Glo BIS does not have the daily plan like other networks.

When you are done subscribing to any of the monthly or weekly plan as given above, you can even decide to use the changing of android IMEI to Blackberry method and browse the living hell out of the BIS with your Android and PC through tethering
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Everywhere!

Yes, in case you have being wondering what is it that is really going on this period as you stumble into most online shopping sites both home and abroad, and you are greeted with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I implore you to wonder no more as this is actually the season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for most mega online stores.

A season usually the last Friday of November and the following Monday where many online shops offer massively selected items at discounted prices.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Everywhere!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be likened to the normal end of the year organized trade fair exhibition and sales event that you are quite familiar with in the offline world, where you have large number of merchants exhibiting their goods and offering them at highly discounted prices.

Must read: Konga VS Jumia

This season can also be called season of surprises! This is also a way by which those mega online stores use to wind up their end of year sales in grand style by offering such massive discounts on selected items and also a way of appreciating their loyal customers.

Many online shoppers out there often look forward to this period where they can easily get hot deals with high percentage price knock-offs on their desired items.

Amazon for example is offering huge discount this Black Friday on their famous Kindle devices and other products. EBay on the other hand is not being left out as shoppers can also get huge discounts on this day over there.

Back here at home, mega online retail stores like Jumia, Konga (Yakata sales), Dealday, Keymu etc are all partaking in this year’s Black Friday discounted offers on selected items.

Some of the stores have already kick-started their Black Friday sales prior to the main day while some have set a count-down clock timer to usher in the 28th November Black Friday date.

These discounted sales seasons usually start on Friday and runs through the following Monday often regarded as the Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have often been seen as win-win situation between the online merchants on the online shoppers, as on the part of the merchants, it marks a period where they usually records the greatest sales of the year, while the shoppers on the other hand, it is a season where they get hottest deals on items at highly discounted rates, making them save more.

So what are you still waiting for? Don’t be left out in this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers…Locate that your favourite e-store now and start shopping…Just don’t miss out on this!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian Hollywood App Will Help Combat AIDS

As 1st of December which is designated as World AIDS Day draws near, American Television Personality Kim Kardashia is working closely with Apple Inc. in a campaign called ‘RED’ that sees Kim and the popular smartphone makers partnering with other 25 app developers in order to help raise fund to fight the dreaded disease.

Users can download about 25 different games, which includes “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game with exclusive contents together with other 24 such as Disney Frozen Free Fall, Angry Birds, Garageband, the Ellen DeGeneres, FarmVille2, Country Escape etc.
Kim Kardashia Hollywood App Will Help Combat AIDS

In a statement credited to the American TV personality “Players can show their supports by participating in the RED campaign and purchasing of in-game items like Beat Headphones, and as a way to appreciate them for their supports, players can take branded selfie with me and share to their social networks!...Players can even attend a fundraiser event in-game”

And she added that she is thrilled to support the RED campaign with the 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app'
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New Etisalat 1GB data plan for N500

Etisalat has recently launched a new data plan that offers its subscribers 1GB of data for only N500.

The package is a weekend plan that runs from Friday through Sunday midnight and it can be used to surf the internet on any platform that you can think of.

Since some of you believe that Etisalat is the fastest network to browse with then this very plan won’t be a bad idea for you.

To subscribe to the new etisalat data plan, all you need to do is to make sure that you have at least N500 in your etisalat line, then you dial the code *5995*2# and you will get a successful message.
New Etisalat 1GB data plan for N500

After subscription, you can now use it to browse on any device of choice and it will also power all your applications.

To check for your remaining data balance at any particular point, just dial *228# and it will be sent to you.

Just remember that this is a weekend plan, so download everything downloadable, watch every YouTube video watchable and browse everything browseable with this plan throughout the weekend.
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Super Tough Corning Gorilla Glass 4 unveiled

The makers of Gorilla glass protective covers for smartphones and tablets Corning Incorporated has unveiled the super tough gorilla glass 4 to succeed the present gorilla glass 3.

The new protective cover is said to be two times tougher than the gorilla glass 3.

In a statement credited to Corning Incorporated “they are focusing on improving protections against sharp contact damage, which is the major reason mobile devices break. And that dropping and breaking phones are common problems and on which consumers have called their attention on”
Super Tough Corning Gorilla Glass 4 unveiled

The company carried out a test on this latest Gorilla glass 4 by dropping it from a height about one meter and noted that about 80% of the glass withstood the drop without shattering.

With this newly released Glass 4, Corning has further stamped their authority in the protective glass market.

Companies like Samsung, Apple, Sony, Infinix and some other phone makers make use of Corning Gorilla glass to protect the screen of their mobile devices
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Check Glo BIS Balance with Code

You might want to agree with me that in recent time, Glo BIS subscription has really been on the increase, and the simple reason behind that is now the ability to use the Glo BIS on android and PC through a method of changing your android IMEI to that of a blackberry.

With the above statement, the need now to know how to have quick access to your Glo BIS balance at any particular time becomes very important.

Although, there is the SMS method of doing that which many of you know that involves Glo BIS subscribers sending the keyword STATUS in an SMS to 777.
How to Check Glo BIS Balance with Code

But to be quite honest, that method is quite slow and so I now decided to give you the code method which is easier and faster and also makes quite a lot of sense to use.

To check for you Glo BIS balance with code, simply dial the USSD code *777*0# and that’s all, your remaining BIS data balance and the expiration data will be displayed to you.

So, keep rocking your Glo BIS on your android and PC via android WiFi hotspot tethering with your PC and it is only then that you will believe that Glo truly rules people’s world.
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Important Notice to all on the Airtel Android data 1+1 offer!

Not long ago, airtel launched an android data 1+1 offer, but I have heard lots of complaints from subscribers with eligible SIM for the offer saying that after subscribing once for the offer, that they could no longer renew or subscribe again after their current plan expires.

It is in that vein that I want to use this opportunity to pass this vital information to all concerning the airtl android data 1+1 offer.

Airtel has officially made it clear that the android data 1+1 offer is a one-time thing, in which those with eligible SIMs can only subscribe once into the offer and after that your SIM will no longer be eligible.
Important Notice to all on the Airtel Android data 1+1 offer!

In other words, for those with eligible SIMs can only subscribe for the airtel android 1+1 offer once, and when you your current subscription expire, you will no longer be able to subscribe to the plan again, unless you try it out with another SIM that has not been used for the offer before.

I believe with this short piece of information, I have being able to clear up your mind concerning the ongoing airtel android 1+1 promo, and to those that do not already know about it, you should just have it at the back of your mind now, that that is how the airtel android promo works.
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