Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to detect whether your blog posts have being banned or de-indexed from search engine

Your blog posts that have been indexed before and do well in Google search can be banned or de-indexed from same search engine, due to one form of violation or the other related to the posts or as results of all those Google Panda this, Google Penguin that, Google Kangaroo that and even Google Gorilla that updates that might not be favourable…lol.

When such happens, to most of your posts, you will notice some drastic decrease in your blog search engine traffic.

And search engine traffic, being one of the major sources of traffic for most webmasters is my no means what webmasters kid with in terms of Search Engine Optimization, and more so it has been proven over the years that search engine traffic are mostly organic and desirable means of traffic to webpages.

Many folks have asked me in the past and in recent times of how they will be able know if their blog posts have been de-indexed or banned from Google search engine, which is actually the main reason for today’s post.

We are not going to be wasting time here; so for you to know if your blog posts have been banned on search engine, just carry out this simple exercise;

= => Locate the suspicious post, copy and paste the URL of the post on Google search address bar and hit the search button, and if you don’t see the post in the next 3 pages of Google search result, then just be rest assured that the very post have been hammered.

If you are happy with this post, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to detect phishing emails

Phishing is the act of trying to obtain sensitive information such as usernames and passwords, credit card details etc. illegally by disguising as trustworthy entity in the cyberspace.

Most times, the phishers always present a link to click on the disguised mail they send out that takes the unsuspecting individual to their webpage where those vital information are retrieved.

For the inexperienced and unsuspecting individuals, they are often caught lose guard where they end up clicking on those links and submitting their details on the phishers webpage thereby jeopardizing their private and vital information.
How to detect phishing emails

Cyber security is an individual measure to take and it is always advisable for web surfers to maintain 100% consciousness in all their online dealings, especially those who carry out online businesses and have lots of account with online companies.

Today’s topic will be centered on my recent and personal experience on an unsuspected phishing mail, so you too can easily take a cue from it and on how I was able to finally detect that the mail was from a cyber-phisher.

Yesterday, I received an email (phishing email) in my Yahoo account inbox, and as usual, at first, it never occurred to me that something fishy was just sent to my inbox, and the phisher only succeeded in sending fears down my spines and kept me perturbed through the momentary ordeal with the content of the email which was purported to come from Yahoo.

The mail goes something like this “That I have violated the Yahoo Terms of Service and that I stand the risk of losing my Yahoo account in the next 24hours if I fail to confirm my Yahoo Terms of Service”. And now, the link in there for me to click was Confirm Yahoo Terms of Service.

After reading, I checked to see the sender, and it was actually from Yahoo (purported Yahoo), and with Yahoo image-like content in the mail, I was shocked to the teeth and was tempted to click on the confirm Yahoo Terms of Service in order for me to safe my account from being deactivated as purported.

For me, my Yahoo account means a lot to me and I can’t afford the chance to see my Yahoo account just go like that.

I paused on that process without taking any action and started pondering on how I have used my Yahoo account over the last few days, whether I have truly done something that was against Yahoo Terms of Services, but in my bewilderment and reasoning, I was not able to figure out any illegal activity on my part, but I was still tempted to click on the purported TOS confirmation link.

After sometimes, and because of my wealth of online experiences, the idea immediately came to my mind that this might be a phishing mail, I turned and asked a friend who was there with me when I opened the mail, if he had received any such mail before, and he said no.

I now decided to carry out thorough investigation on the source of the mail and went through the mail again, lo and behold, I was able to detect it was a phishing mail.

Here are the parameters I used to figure out that it was a phishing mail and not truly from Yahoo as purported.

==> I went through my old mails to retrieve a mail previously from Yahoo in order to compare with the purported Yahoo mail I received yesterday, and I was able to figure out a lot of discrepancies from the purported Yahoo mail.
I took time to observe the sender name, which was Yahoo, and then I now have to check out the text font in which the Yahoo was written and noticed that it was entirely different from that of the original Yahoo.

= => Again, I noticed that the original Yahoo mail, came with a tiny Yahoo image snippet just by the side of the Yahoo sender, whereas there was no such image snippet on the purported Yahoo sender mail.

= => I then went again to read in between the lines on the purported Yahoo mail, and I was able to figure out some spelling errors, about 5 wrongly spelt words, but you will hardly find such numbers of errors coming from original Yahoo mail.

It was after those observations that it became clear to me that I was dealing with a phishing mail and my perturbed mind regained phlegm, then I immediately reported the mail as spam and it was removed as usual.

Now this is the 28th hour and counting and my Yahoo account is still very active against the purported 24hour ultimatum to deactivate my account and I want to boldly say that there is no single cause for alarm or whatsoever at this moment.

And it is important to note here that it might not always or necessary come to only your Yahoo mail box, as other mail providers are not exempted from phishers

Finally, you can easily take cues from my yesterday’s experience as highlighted above in order for you to be able to detect phishing mails too whenever you come across such in your inbox. Together we can keep the cyberspace cleaner and safer if we circulate these types of messages.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

The brain behind Super Mario game, Shigeru Miyamoto goes into film production

If you have not heard of or played Super Mario game before, then it is either you are from another planet or that you are so nerdy while growing up as a kid and that you cannot even interact with your peers.

And that is how best I can describe the popularity of the Super Mario Bros game.
Just to speak further on what you already know; Super Mario is a video game developed in the 80’s by the world largest video game company in revenue, Nintendo.

In Super Mario single player mode, the player controls the lead character Mario, while in the dual player mode, the second player controls Mario’s brother Luigi as he travels through Mushroom realm in order to rescue Princess Toadstool from antagonist Bowser.
The brain behind Super Mario game, Shigeru Miyamoto goes into film production

Back then and even till this very moment, every Tom, Dick and Harry love the Super Mario game, both kids and adult play Super Mario with great enthusiasm on different platforms, and the game popularity made Super Mario synonymous to Nintendo game.

Now, who is the brain behind Super Mario and what is his current project like?

Meet Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who created the ever exhilarating Super Mario game. The Japanese Miyamoto has been in the forefront of world biggest video game hits over the past 30 years, and today he is adding film production to his series of ingenuity.

Though he still maintains the stand that his love for video game, which has brought him fame over the years remains evergreen and undented.

His latest project PIKIMI is a 3D short animation film based on Nintendo game characters, was at the weekend launched in the Tokyo International Film Festival.

The Super Mario game developer said that he has always picture the possibility of him making movies given the technological advances, but that making game still remained his number one career choice.

Film making has just become additional to Shigeru Miyamoto game career and we want to say more feathers to his cap as he continues to thrill the entertainment world with his expertise.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Important notice to all buyers and resellers of MTN cheap SME data bundles!

At the dawn of October 26, 2014, MTN decided to start the limitation of MTN SME data share to only 10 shares per every SME data bundle package purchased by resellers.

MTN data resellers across the country woke up this morning to notice that they could no longer sell/share cheap data bundles to their teaming customers as most of them have already shared/sold to up to 10 of their customers the previous day, and they were all greeted with this message by MTN as they tried to share some data to their clients;

Dear customer, you have already reached your quota of 10 maximum shares for your plan. Please purchase another plan to be allotted another 10 shares
Important notice to all buyers and resellers of MTN cheap SME data bundles

Though this will be coming as sad news to both the resellers and cheap-internet-hungry customers that have used this same opportunity in the previous months to sell and acquire cheap internet data for their browsing pleasure.

Now, our heartfelt sympathy goes more to those resellers that still have large amount of unshared data on their account, as what that implies is that they will no longer be able to share it again if they have already reached the 10 share limit, and they have to start counting on their loses at this point.

The only solution now is for them to make use of the data personally, which we all know that it was not for the intended purpose.

What is the way forward for both the resellers and the consumers?

On the part of the resellers, the situating on ground no doubt has called for re-strategizing in order to keep up the business moving, and for the consumers, a call for patience now will be the key to enable the resellers come up with another workable plan that will keep the data cheap and coming to you.

But the best bet for now for resellers is this; since the data share is now limit to 10 shares per bundle package purchase, it will be left for the resellers to now go for only the 10GB bundle package, where they can then share/sell at least 1GB to their customer at a set cheap price, maybe at N1,100 or N1,200 as the case maybe.

This will be to enable them continue in the good business of bringing subsidized internet data to many of internet hungry consumers out there.

Then for the consumers, you should bear in mind that the era of 250mb, 500mb and 750mb at cheap price has ended for now and you just have to step up a bit to go for the least 1GB plan if only you still need the data cheap and coming.

Finally, this important information was brought to you also as a mean to notify you of the impeding consequences that might arise as result of this latest development, as some unscrupulous resellers out there might want to take advantage of the situation and short-change or scam their unsuspecting buyers to make up for their loses.

So be careful and take a cue from above on what the next phase of MTN cheap SME data vending will look like. It is said: “To be forewarned is to be forearmed
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Friday, October 24, 2014

What are your biggest blogging challenges?

No blogger out there in the blogosphere could deny out rightly the fact that he/she has one form of blogging challenge or the other.

Blogging challenges cuts across from individual to individual and from newbie bloggers to pro bloggers, just similar way skills, special gifts varies amongst individuals.

One form of blogging challenge for Blogger A could turn out to be the blogging strength for Blogger B, and that is one of the major reason I decided to put up this post, so you can freely list some of your blogging challenges which can be strength to other bloggers, and by so doing you might just get the help you need to tackle some of your blogging challenges…“A problem shared, is said to be half solved
What are your biggest blogging challenges?

For some, their major challenges could be creating of catchy and engaging contents, whereas others will tell you that it is just how to drive the desired traffic to their blog.

But one thing I know is that traffic has remained one of the major challenges facing upcoming bloggers, but on the other hand, some pro blogger have been able to conquer traffic challenges and have succeeded in turning their blogs into honeycomb that attract swamps of traffic at any given point in time.

Whichever be the case, traffic and content are not the only challenges facing bloggers, as other different challenges abound in the blogosphere.

I conducted a recent study on a popular Facebook group, Bloggerslab that comprises of about 6000 + active members who are mainly bloggers, that saw many pro and upcoming bloggers dishing out their blogging challenges when a similar question was posed to members of the group by another member.

Elsie Godwin, who is a member of the group, in response to the question, said that his blogging challenges stems from time, internet, content and traffic, while another member hinged his blogging challenges as getting enough traffic to make his Adsense count, and some others had said that getting Adsense approval is their challenge.

Another notable member of the group, who goes by the name Olili Bob also mentioned traffic as his blogging challenge. Again, Muogbo Ifeanyichukwu Kingsley, also a member told the members of the group that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has remained his nightmare in blogging.

Statistics taken, show that most of the bloggers cried out for increased traffic to their blogs as their main blogging challenges.
It was a bit of surprise to see only but few bloggers mentioned content creation as their blogging challenge.

But out of personal opinion and observation made, we saw the increase and proliferation of copied content (plagiarism) in the blogosphere, and it has made us to include content creation challenges to traffic as the two most common and biggest sources of blogging challenges facing many bloggers out there.

If content creation was not a major challenge, then the rate of plagiarized contents will be minimal contrary to our observation.

Now to tackle some of these problems, we are urging the bloggers out there that some of the challenges enumerated above turned out to be their strength, to use this opportunity in contributing or lending a hand, maybe by using the comment section to brief others on their strength which happens to be some form of challenges to others.

And they can also list out their blogging challenges too, which might in turn be others strength, and by so doing they could also get similar help. By so doing, the knowledge will go round and everybody will have something to learn and go home with.
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Farewell Nokia, welcome Microsoft Lumia

With deep feeling of nostalgia, we regret to announce the soon to be departed Nokia brand in the modern world of mobile telephony.

Yes, you read it right, the feeling of nostalgia is what greeted many Nokia fans at the news that Microsoft is finally about to rebrand it high end Nokia devices to Microsoft Lumia, implying that the name Nokia will soon be a thing of the past and will gradually fade into the thin air.

Nokia which once ruled the mobile phone industries and stood as king of mobile phone brand over a long period of time hasn’t had it easy at all in this recent times and highly competitive era of mobile telephony, where the likes of Google Android and Apple have decided to stamp stronger feet of authority in the present mobile industries and markets.
Farewell Nokia, welcome Microsoft Lumia

The stiffness in competition also saw Nokia being sold out to Microsoft sometimes in April this year in a deal that stood to the tune of $7.2billion which handed over Microsoft most of the Finnish company telephone assets.

On my own part, definitely it will be a great miss in the brand name Nokia, as one of the great fan of Nokia during the time of Nokia Symbian phones. And I think we can do absolutely nothing about that at this moment since the now rightful owners have chosen to rebrand Nokia into Microsoft Lumia.

The rebranding was made known at first in the recent removal of the Nokia brand on Microsoft France Facebook page, which saw all traces of “Nokia” replaced with Microsoft Lumia.

Now the information gathered so far is that, it seems the facing out of the Nokia brand will be done gradually and regionally, with France standing as the number one country in the order of Nokia face-out.

It is not strange to say that Nokia is not the only famous mobile brand to face what is currently happening to the once Finnish giant company, as other famous brand like Ericsson also faced similar fate in the past when there was a total buy out of Ericsson by Sony.

You can also read: Bye bye, MSN Messenger

Again, recently, the rumour making the round is that the famous Chinese company Lenovo is on the verge of buying out the giant Canadian company Blackberry.

In this world of high mobile industry completion, any company that fails on its part to meet up or decide to lag in any way, immediately sees their competitor take advantage of the slip to reign over.

Finally, we cannot but still show our deep feeling for nostalgia to the Nokia brand by saying “Nokia, we will greatly miss you as you came in and change the mobile industry with Nokia as synonym to mobile telephony”.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How do you grow your blog?

At the mention of how to grow a blog, it becomes almost clear that this piece is not to address expert bloggers but for newbie who are still searching for every available means to grow their new blogs. 

But mind you, pro bloggers can still grow their blogs too, for growing of blog has always remained a continuous process.

Many newbie bloggers today have always failed to understand that their new blog can be likened to a new born baby that needs nurture, care and all the necessary attention they require to raise them up gradually to maturity.

Until you understand the above concept, you will not be able to grow your blog properly in the right manner.

How do you grow your blog?

Blogging involves series of growth developmental phases, though sometimes I don’t really blame the newbie bloggers for just wanting to see their blogs turn springs of living water in few days of starting up a blog, because virtually every so called pro blogger today was in that same shoe with similar mind set at their early stage of blogging.

But my candid advice here, which I want you all to see as precious pearl is just for you to try and cultivate the habit of learning and implementation with patience. Since Rome was not built in a day, it is also wise to say that that your want-to-be rock star blog will not be built in a day.

Having said that, for you to grow your blog, you really need to treat it as a baby and give it all the necessary attention it desires.

Most times, I overhear newbie bloggers saying they want to monetize their new blogs with Adsense or other monetization means and I always laugh it off.

Truth be told here, even if I give you Adsense account with Google Ads for that your new blog, it might rather get you frustrated and can even make you think of quitting blogging on starting.

So it is completely useless at this point because you will not even be able to earn a withdraw-able amount, and neither will affiliate ads do you any good.

Before you should even think of monetizing your new blog by whatsoever means think first of how to grow your blog.

Then, how do you grow your blog?

Good question! I must admit. You can grow your blog simply by doing most of the necessary things that are required in nurturing a blog like choosing a proper and simple template design for an individual blog, creating original and good number of contents, building relationships and connecting with other bloggers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to grow organic traffic and growing your audience (blog readers/visitors) in general.

Call them the prerequisites for new blogs before thinking of monetization in any way, so there are no short-cut to the monetization stage. And you will agree with me that those prerequisites cannot be achieved in a day, not even a week nor a month, but months and some years.

You might want to ask me to give an estimate of the number of months before monetization, and I will like to say 6 months and above as answer to that question.

As I have continuously mentioned in this post that growing your blog involves treating it like a baby; give it good food (content), take it serious and work diligently on those prerequisite to grow it to maturity before thinking of monetization. In plant kingdom we say nurture it before thinking of harvesting the fruits from it.

The moment your blog is ripe or matured for monetization, you will know because you will get to see it clearly with your eyes.

There will be increased visitors, bounce rate will be low, Alexa ranking will be better, Google will be tempted to give you a page rank of 1 for a start, and you will notice increased engagement on your blog.

You can now see that it is not magic but a straight forward concept that if you do well, you will see your blog growth.

No need to be in a hurry, just know that ‘slow and steady always wins the race’. And by so doing, the moment you begin to monetize your blog, you will begin to see result almost immediately, other than when you crave to monetize at the nascent stage.

At this level now of your blog developmental stage, you will then begin to see your blog grow faster by the day and the cash begins to roll in to some reasonable extend. It continues growing that way as you work until the sky will no longer be your limit but a starting point.

Finally, just know that there is no set limit that a growing blog can attain; blog growth is a continuous process as far as you keep blogging it out the right way. In the real sense, every well-meaning blogger is growing his/her blog to the next level at every point in time, and I am not left out.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box to express yourself or if you want to tell us the rate or level at which you blog is growing, we are all waiting to see below.
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