Friday, May 22, 2015

Caution! Do not Enter this Particular MTN Data One Chance

Some of you might have also received the text message from MTN 5900 number that reads “Good news! With N5 only, get 8MB data, 2HD Hit songs….simply text w to 5900 to enjoy now”.

I know that some of you when you see that you will start rejoicing that at least you can now get 8MB for only N5 as against the normal MTN 5MB for N5 plan.

And some of you that know mathematics very well might have even started calculating that if MTN now offers 8MB for N5, at least subscribing N5 into 20 times that will be only N100 and 8MB into that 20 times will amount to 160MB of data which is not that bad for N100.

But listen up! This is what will happen to you when you go ahead to text w to 5900 in order to subscribe;

You will actually be given the 8MB and N5 will be deducted from your account, but MTN did not tell you initially that the 8MB data that you will be given can only be used on MTN Music plus platform to listen to whatever music that is there and you cannot use it to browse any other site.

Now what is the need of 8MB for N5 that you cannot use to surf the internet?

Unless you are interested in listening to their music on MTN Music Plus platform then ignore this package like plague and move on, after all what is even 8MB of song that you want to listen to when you can get up to 5GB with only N70 to browse and download like fire.

Don’t say I did not tell you!
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Innjoo Fire VS Tecno Boom J7

Today we want to compare Latest VS Latest. Innjoo Fire is Innjoo latest device while Tecno Boom J7 is Tecno’s latest device.

Tecno Boom J7 is already available for picks at the famous Konga online store while Innjoo Fire is on its way to Jumia online store any moment from now.

But we noticed that it is a good idea to give you head-on by means of comparing both devices so you will know whether to wait in few days for the Innjoo Fire or to go ahead and pick up the Tecno Boom J7.

Having said that, and like we always do here in our comparison between two similar devices, we go straight ahead highlighting only the features that separate both devices.

You now have to bear in mind that other features of both devices not listed here are similar and if you want to see the full features of both phones, you can follow links as highlighted on their names in this piece.

Without much ado, let’s head straight on to differentiate Innjoo Fire with Tecno Boom J7 by comparison;

= => The first difference you will notice between both devices is on their screen resolution; The Innjoo Fire features 5.0inches display with 540 X 960 pixel screen resolution while that of the Tecno Boom J7 which also spots 5.0inches display but with display resolution of 720 X 1028 pixel

= => Secondly is in their RAM, Innjoo Fire spots 2GB RAM while Tecno Boom J7 came with 1GB RAM.

= => Innjoo Fire features 5MP both front back camera whereas Tecno Boom J7 features 8MP back camera and 2MP front shutter.

= => The last noticeable difference their batteries, Innjoo Fire is packed with 2500mAh battery while that of the Tecno Boom J7 is 2020mAh.

Now that you have seen the differences between the Innjoo Fire and Tecno Boom J7, will you wait to pick up the Innjoo Fire or you will just go straight ahead to obtain Tecno Boom J7?
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to Shop Online on Jumia

Jumia is one of the leading e-commerce stores operating from the shores of Nigeria and that deals on the sales of wide varieties of commodities ranging from consumer electronics, household wares, male and female clothing etc.

If you have never shopped on Jumia before or you are totally new to online shopping then this is an opportunity for you to learn how to shop online on jumia and have your items delivered straight to your doorstep without leaving the comfort of your room.

This guide will be based on shopping from Jumia main desktop site and so let’s now roll together on the shopping process.

To shop on Jumia;

= => You must first create a free account online with Jumia; so you can now head to Jumia full site to create your account.

= => At the homepage just click on Login located at the top right corner of the sight to begin your account creation process

= => From the little window that comes up when you click on Login, click on Continue tab at the right hand side to take you to the page where you will fill in your account details.

= => Now on the page, fill in all the required details including choosing your password and finally click on the Submit button below, and you have just created an account on Jumia

Now, coming down to how you can start shopping on Jumia with the account that you just created follow steps below;

= => Head back to the Jumia homepage again and still click on Login; this time around in that little window that will come up, put in your e-mail address and password as required and click on Login

= => Now at the left hand side of the Jumia main page you will find the All Categories pane, which contains all the list of items in categories and you can follow to navigate your way to the particular items that you want to shop for.

Alternatively you can quickly locate the item(s) that you want to shop for by just putting the name of the item on the Jumia search bar located at the top centre position on the site and clicking on the search icon.

= => If you have succeeded in locating the item that you want to buy, you will either see the Buy Button by the side or you hover your mouse on the item to bring up the Buy Button; Click on the Buy Button to add the item to your cart. You can add more items on the cart similar way.

= => When you are done adding item(s) to the cart, which is located at the top right corner of the Jumia page denoted with a shopping cart icon.

= => Now, hover your mouse on the cart icon to bring down your list of items and the Proceed to Checkout button which you will click on to finalise your purchase.

= => On the next page is where you will add your delivery address, click on add address at the left hand side and put in your delivery address, after that, click on Save and Continue button to proceed to the next page

= => The next page is your shipping details, choose the radio button for Standard Shipping and here when you look at the right hand pane of this page you will see the amount of your items and the shipping fee that is applicable to it; Click on Save and Continue tab to proceed.

= => The next page is the final page which is the Payment page; there you will see list of different payment method available, we advise that you always go for Pay On Delivery if it is applicable to your location.

Still on this page, you will see the coupon field, if you have any coupon code, you can apply it on that field and click on Use Coupon by the side otherwise just click on the Complete Your Order button to complete your purchase.

And you have just succeeded in making your first purchase on Jumia.

Since it is Pay On Delivery method of payment that you chose, you will receive a call from Jumia agent to confirm your order and at the stipulated day of arrival you will also be notified by the delivery man to keep your cash ready and your items and it will be delivered to the delivery addressed that you used above.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Have you Heard of the Ecoo Aurora E04 Plus Smartphone? The Specs Will Surely Wow You!

I know some of you that eat and drink MTK android smartphones might have heard the name before and might have even gone to acquire the monster, while for most of you out there, the name Ecoo Auroral E04 Plus remain alien.

Whichever be the case, Ecoo Aurora is another brank makers of MTK android phones, just the way you have been hearing names like Elephone and Jiayu.

While the Ecoo Aurora E04 Plus, an upgrade of the Aurora E04 is another wonderfully made device by the brand makers with such awesome specs.

Eco Aurora is known for their beautifully designed and high-end specifications devices, and the Aurora E04 Plus is a typical example.

With the Eco Aurora entry into the unending smartphone wars on MTK devices, other similar manufacturers have started trembling as the competition even get stiffer by the day.

Without much ado, let’s drive you through the awesome specs of the Eco Aurora E04 Plus and see if truly you will be wowed as we claimed;

= => Network: 2GB/3GB and FDD LTE 4G

= => Dimension: 156.7 X 77.5 X 9.3mm

= => SIM: Dual standby Mini and Micro SIM

= => Display: 5.5inches display with 1920 X 1080 pixel screen resolution and adopt new 2.5D Arc design screen

= => Camera: 16MP back camera with LED flash and a 8MP front facing camera

= => Video: 1080p@30fps

= => OS: Android 5.0 Lollipop

= => Processor and RAM: 1.7GHz Octa-core cortex – A53 CPU, MediaTek MT6752 chipset with Mali-T760 GPU and 3GB RAM

= => Memory: 16GB internal with external MicroSD, up to 32GB

= => WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth: WiFi hotspot, WiFi direct and version 4.0 bluetooth

= => Loud Speaker and Audio Port: Yes with 3.5mm jack

= => GPS: A-GPS

= => USB: Micro USB V 2.0

= => Battery: 3000mAh Li-Ion battery

= => Others: Advance fingerprint ID technology, OTG, HTML 5 browser, Accelerometer and proximity sensors, SNS integration, document viewer, image viewer and editor, FM radio etc.

Now you have seen it all for yourself and the question I want to ask is this; were you wowed by the specs of the Eco Aurora E04 Plus?
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Get Ready! 7days of Great Mobile Deals at the Upcoming Jumia Mobile Week Megathon

Where are all ye lovers of cutest smartphones at hottest deals?

I said once again; get ready because Jumia Mobile Week Megathon is coming up in few days from now, precisely starting from the 1st of June.

Jumia is calling on all you lovers of great smartphones to put on your racing shoes for all round display and sales of the cutest and sleekest of your favourite smartphones at hottest deals from the number one online store in the country.

In fact this is going to be simply a full week of mobile trade fare where you get true value for your money across wide ranges and brands of smartphones.

Each day within the Megathon week comes with a hot deal on a particular brand of smartphone.

See calendar below to know the day your choice of smartphone brand will fall in place;

= => January 1st which is Monday comes Innjoo brands hottest deals

= => Infinix follows the next day being Tuesday

= => Wednesday Tecno comes in

= => Thursday you have Apple products on showcase

= => Friday is for Lenovo

= => Saturday is for Samsung

= => Sunday LG will wrap it all

Keep close tab to the dates to know when you should be joining the race of shoppers for great smartphones.

Once again it is the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon (June 1st to June 7)

No dulling this time around!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In Less than 12hrs, President Obama Official Twitter Account Generates 1.4Million Followers with His First Tweet

President Obama Yesterday sent out his first official tweet with his verified account of the President of the United State, @POTUS Twitter handle.

And you do know what!? In the position that he currently occupies as the first citizen of the United State, his Twitter account at his first tweet generated 1.4million followers within 12hrs.

Here is what his first official tweet looks like;

Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years on, they’re finally given me my account

Four hours later, his second tweet came on about his visit to New Jersey, followed later by his third which was in responds to tweet he received from the former president of the United State, President Bill Clinton.

But it might surprise you to note that President Obama with his @POTUS Twitter handle follows only 65 Twitter account holders which mostly include members of his cabinet, some popular sport team from his home town Chicago and prominent White-House officials, but without any foreign leader.

According to White House, Obama official Twitter account will serve as an avenue through which the president can reach directly to American people with his tweets.
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Innjoo Fire About to Lighten-up Innjoo Once Again With Awesome Specs

Innjoo is at it again! Barely 4 months ago that Innjoo last launched the Innjoo One Innjoo has bounced back again with what appear to be a true value for money device to lighten-up the brand once again and this time around it is Innjoo Fire with such amazing specs.

I see Innjoo coming out again with full force to give the likes of Innfinix and Tecno heat from beneath.

Infinix see their latest device as Hotter, Tecno said theirs is Boom time to rock but Innjoo is replying with Fire to Lighten-up the atmosphere, or you can simply call this a battle between Hot, Boom and Fire.

Without much ado, below are the awesome specs of the latest Innjoo Fire;

= => Network: 2GB and 3GB

= => Dimension: 142.5 X 72.7 X 8.9mm

= => SIM: Dual standby SIM

= => Display: 5.0inches display with 540 X 960 pixel screen resolution

= => Camera: 5MP back camera with LED flash and a 5MP front facing camera

= => Video: 1080p@30fps

= => OS: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

= => Processor and RAM: 1.3GHz Quad-core cortex – A7 CPU, MediaTek MT6582 chipset with Mali-400 GPU and 2GB RAM

= => Memory: 16GB internal with external MicroSD, up to 32GB

= => WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth: WiFi hotspot, WiFi direct and version 4.0 bluetooth

= => Loud Speaker and Audio Port: Yes with 3.5mm jack

= => GPS: A-GPS

= => USB: Micro USB V 2.0

= => Battery: 2500mAh Li-Ion battery

= => Others: HTML 5 browser, Accelerometer and proximity sensors, SNS integration, digital compass, document viewer, image viewer and editor, FM radio etc.

Innjoo Fire will be hitting the shelves of the popular Jumia online store in 12days time and the price is promising unbeatable with those glorious specs.

Now if I may ask? Will you rock the Innjoo Fire in similar ways you rocked the Infinix Hot phones and now rocking the Tecno Boom devices?

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