Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Can I use a single coupon code to buy multiple domains on the same Godaddy account?

The name Godaddy in the cyberspace today is almost becoming synonymous to domaineering, as Godaddy over the years has proven itself to be a force to reckon with when it comes to domain and web hosting services.

Godaddy has distinguished itself on excellent services in low cost and other domain related businesses. Though, many webmasters that have made use of Godaddy hosting services in the past have accused the Domaineering giant of not providing excellent services as compared to their domain services.

One can assert that the accusers might not really be far from the truth as this might be one of the reasons you see many webmasters besiege Godaddy for mostly domain services but often end up opting for other companies for hosting services.

Now, when we talk about Godaddy coupon codes, it is a well-known fact that Godaddy often allow their resellers to create promotional codes in the form of coupons, that when applied on the cause of buying out some services, slashes the prices of those services offered by Godaddy as the parent company.

Those coupons ranges from domain buy out coupons to domain renewal couopons and more other services that coupons are applicable. But in this topic, we will be concentrating on the domain buy out coupons that serves our interest.

How can I get a working Godaddy coupon?

The best answer I can give you to the best of my knowledge about acquiring Godaddy coupons is that these coupons can be gotten freely on the internet. You can easily see these coupon codes scattered or flying around the internet as presented by Godaddy resellers or even Godaddy itself.

Now for you to get a working coupon code is for you to make sure you check the date the coupon that you happen to lay your hands on was made for, if it is current and not yet expired.

And again, I want to point out here that some of the coupons you get might not work in all cases even when it is a current unexpired coupon. This is because of the nature of some particular coupons. For example, some coupons are designed to work only in certain regions, while some are meant to work only for the type of payment method that you chose when checking out, whereas other coupons can be generally applied from anywhere anytime.

Now the only way to know whether the coupon code is applicable to the service that you want to use it for is by trying out the coupon code on the checking out point…Note that this service does not cost you anything neither does it even take time to try it out…just as it is normally being said “there is always no harm in trying”.

Back to the major topic of the day on if you can use the same coupon code to obtain multiple domains with a single Godaddy account?

The answer to that question is No. But if you insist that you want to get it done that way, this is how to go about it;

= => Use the single coupon code on the same Godaddy account with different credit/debit cards. I.e. to say each time you want to use that your same Godaddy account to purchase multiple domains with a single coupon code, you have to make use of different credit/debit card entirely for one domain at a time.

But you have to make sure that the different Credit/Debit cards that you will be making use of belongs to you, otherwise you can get your GoDaddy account easily locked.

By so doing, you can buy multiple domains with a single working coupon code on the same Godaddy account.

Otherwise, for you to obtain multiple domains with the same Godaddy account, you must use working and different coupon codes each time you buy domains with the same payment method.

But if you must use single coupon code to buy multiple domains apart from the method stated above, you can choose to be opening a new Godaddy account each time you want to buy domain with the coupon code, which in my opinion I will say it is very cumbersome that way.

So those are the things that you need to know for now about buying multiple domains with a single coupon code on the same Godadday account.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box to express yourself or tell us your own experience on buying on Godadday plaftform if you have any.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gravatar is for all webmasters and not only for Wordpress users as you may think

Avatar is an image snippet that is used to represent one in the Cyberspace, when you perform certain actions like posting a comment or post on a blog.

Gravatar is just a pre-extension of Avatar by the addition of GR to it and GRAvatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar which as explained above is an image that follows you from site to site, appearing beside your name when you take certain actions on the internet.

The importance of Gravatar cannot be overemphasized, as it remains your major form of identification on the internet.


Though some persons often tend to neglect the importance that Gravatar always offer and always take it on lighter note or misuse it, but Gravatar is your identification in Cyberspace that can even come to play when some matters of litigations arise.

In other words, starting from today, you should start taking your Gravatar serious and always endeavor to use it properly by always selecting appropriate images for that, because you never can tell what can come up any moment.

I noticed that some webmasters often get scared of registering and making use of Gravatar, especially those that operates outside Wordpress platform. They always felt that Gravatar is only made for Wordpress users.

But every other webmasters too can sign up on Gravatar and have their images follow them wherever they go on the internet, and they can even install the Gravatar plugin on their pages that is not Wordpress.

Yes we know that it is true that all Wordpress platform have Gravatar plugin automatically installed on them, but that does not mean that Gravatar cannot be installed on other platforms. Other platforms can also support Gravatar if properly installed using the right channel.

For example in Drupal platform, Gravatar is also installed, then for blogger, Gravatar can be installed using third party Gravatar-supported commenting systems like IntenseDebate and Blokomm.

Now regardless of the platform you make use of, you can always visit Gravatar, register and upload the image that you want to be identified with. When you do that, anytime you visit other pages and take actions like post comments (using the exact email address you use to register on Gravatar) on those that have Gravatar installed on them, your image snippet with always beside you.

So what are you waiting for as a webmaster? Easily get globally recognized today by conveniently going to Gravatar and registering with them so you will begin to reap the full benefit of using Gravatar as others have been doing.

By choosing to be continuously anonymous in the Cyberspace will often make people take you and your activities unserious and make you look as if you have a hidden skeleton in your cupboard.

If you are happy with this post, kindly use the comment section below to express yourself or tell us your take about Gravatar.
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

MTN night data plan browsing all day on android with simple server renewed

We are back again and back for good. Ever since the former tweak on browsing all day on android by using simple server with MTN night plan stopped, truly I have been having sleepless night and sad that my people can no longer browse 24/7 with their MTN night plan.

For that reason I dropped the new simple server tweak for you to continue browsing all day with MTN simple server on PC. But I noticed that the outcry for that of android own was much, and the one that finally broke me down was a very warm comment and a plea left here yesterday on one of the previous posts by one anonymous commenter.

And here is how he put it “Good evening sir, you are doing a good job and we thank you for that, and please know that you are the only reason why we can use our MTN night plan to browse in day time, please help us on that of the Android”.

MTN night data plan browsing all day on android with simple server renewed

I felt so touched by the warm words he used and I just replied and told him, that I will give you android all day browsing with MTN night plan

To fulfill my promise immediately because I was really moved, here is the new simple server tweak to power up your android so you can browse all day with the MTN night plan.

Just follow the steps carefully below;

= =>You need to set up your phone APN, Proxy address (IP) and Port. So go to your mobile phone network settings and set them up as follows;
   => APN =
   => Proxy address (IP) =
   => Port= 8080.

= =>You need MTN simple server for android, download it here

= =>Install the MTN simple server that you have downloaded and you will see something like the image below

Simple server start button

= =>Click on settings on the top right corner of your open MTN simple server to configure it by tapping on each of the configurations and setting them up as indicated below;

    =>Proxy host =
   => Proxy Port = 8080
   => Enable Proxy = just tick the box
   => Injection method = choose GET
   =>Querry/url =
   =>Injection Host =
   =>Injection line = tap the enter button on your keyboard 4 times
   =>Enable Injection = just tick the box
   =>Log level = choose DEBUG

And that is all for the simple server setup, then just go back now to the home of the simple server with your phone back button and click on start (start on the big round red centralized button). Minimize the simple server and locate any browser of your choice and continue browsing from the last place you stopped.

Please note that at this point you can only use it to browse with any of your browser, but it will not power other apps. But if you are interested in powering other apps too on your phone, then your phone must be rooted so as to use the proxydroid app for that purpose.

If you have rooted you android before, then proceed down here for the proxydroid download and set up;

= =>You need proxydroid, download it here

= =>Install the proxy droid and set up only the Host and Port as follows;

    =>Host =
    =>Port = 8080

= =>Above (not immediately above) the Host and port in the open proxydroid, you will see Proxy Switch off, so just turn it on.

After that you can now fire up and make use of other apps on your phone with the simple server and proxydroid running.

If you are happy now, please use the comment box to indicate, or if you have further question, we will be pleased to answer you below.
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cloud storage: the future of storage devices

Cloud storage is a way of storing digital data off-site in remote databases which is different from your usual data storage that you store data in your internal and external drives.

Wikipedia sees cloud storage as a mode of data storage where digital data are stored in logical pools, in which the physical storage spans across multiple servers operated and hosted by third party hosting companies.

Whichever be the case, both definition are exactly what cloud storage entails.
Cloud storage: the future of storage devices

In my personal visualization for cloud storage, I will like you to also picture it in literal manner of storing data in the cloud. A new and fast growing technology of storing data to your devices that can easily be synchronize in the cloud (remote database) with huge advantage over your external and internal storage devices like your hard disc drive, flash drives, CD and DVD discs etc., in that data stored in the cloud can be retrieved and manipulated anytime anywhere without having to need the physical presence of the personal devices where the data were stored.

Then also for those that like gathering or accumulating plenty of heavy data to their devices, but always have the fear of where to store these data or maybe fear that their devices will slow down having these numerous data in them, cloud storage is just the answer.

No doubt that cloud storage does have its own shortcomings, like the fear of private data being compromised by disgruntled third party host worker or hackers trying to delve into private data that are stored in the cloud, cloud storage is a modern technology that has come to take its position in the ways data are stored in devices, and will most likely undo the conventional disc storage in the coming future.

As each day passes by, more people tend to embrace cloud computing and storage. Companies are not left out as more companies are also embracing it and providing more cloud storage services.

Companies like Microsoft has its Skydrive and Onedrive cloud storage service, while Google offer Google drive for cloud storage, Apple as iCloud for same purpose and other notable companies that have also embrace the modern cloud storage trend are Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Box, Mediafire etc.

With all these major companies offering one or more forms of cloud storage, one could only but begin to see the future in cloud computing and storage.

Over to you, if you are happy with this piece, please use the comment box below or if you have other things to tell us too about cloud storage, we will be glad to hear from you down the comment section.
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Comment luv: Why are many bloggers disabling it nowadays? Your guess is as good as mine

Comment luv is mostly a Wordpress premium plugin that handles comments in unique manner in the comment sections of webmasters blogs/webpages that have them installed.

One of the unique features of Comment luv is that website visitors that owns their own blogs/pages, when they visit and drop comments on those other webpages that have Comment luv installed on them, their last blog post links are often left behind on the visited pages.

Ever since the reign of Comment luv, webmasters across the internet have tapped into this unique feature of it in building simple and quality back-links to their webpages from those other higher page ranked webpages that installed the Comment luv plugin.

But today, the tide is quickly changing and many bloggers that have embraced it in the past and have them installed on their pages are now either disabling the unique feature of comment luv as described above or uninstalling comment luv entirely and opting for another commenting system.

Now the big question is this; why are some bloggers now disabling or uninstalling their comment luv? I guess your answer might be good as mine.

Many bloggers that you see today disabling comment luv from their blogs have mainly two things in mind;

1.    To sanitize the comment sections of their blogs in order to add more realistic values to that section.

2.    The fear of having their blog/pages being seen as link farms for building spammy links and in order not to get penalized by the big internet movers like Google.

With those two things mostly on their minds, I have noticed that many blogs that I visit these days that have previously installed Comment luv are either disabling the unique feature or uninstalling them entirely, and opting for another commenting system.

The actions of disabling Comment luv can be in line with the known fact today, that in the quest of building backlinks by many webmasters, Comment luv enabled blogs/pages have been on the target. And this whole targeting on solely for building back-links has led in the decline of true values of comments left behind by those blog visitors that are also blog owners.

For visitors now only tend to leave comments on their targeted pages just because they want to drop their blog links and no longer because they want to partake and contribute meaningfully in the writers article.

Now coming down to the fear of being penalized by the big internet movers like Google, the comment sections of every webpages are truly very sensitive areas, mostly because of the kind of activities that take place there.

Some mischievous bloggers, all in the name of commenting, could decide to leave malicious links behind that might not augur well for the host blog, and this in turn could no doubt attract Google sledge hammer on the host blog, maybe by referring to those blog/pages as aiding in building and polarizing spammy links all over the internet. And if that eventually happens, the host blogger pages might end up getting de-indexed or have their pages sunk deep down search engine result pages.

Playing the prophetic role now, with the whole issue surrounding comment luv, I predict that more bloggers will disable comment luv commenting system from their blog in the nearest future.

you are in line with my prediction or have something to say about this whole trend of comment luv, please kindly use the comment box below to do that. Or if you are already using Comment luv on your pages, you can equally share your thought from this piece.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What if there was no undo (Ctrl + Z) command in modern day computing?

This piece was born out of recent incident that happened and that I know would have caused me so much pains only if there was no undo (Ctrl + Z) command, but all thanks to that wonderful and simple command in computing.

So have you ever thought the way I am thinking right now; What if there was no undo command (Ctrl + Z) command in computing? Or have you also ran into deep mess before that would have been a debacle and that would have probably caused you so much pains too but your only saving grace became the undo command (Ctrl  + Z) at that particular moment?
What if there is no undo (Ctrl + Z) command in modern day computing?

Though all aspect of computing, including all the commands with their shortcut key combinations are useful in one way or the other in their own ways, but it seems that some commands are more priceless than the other.

A typical example of that priceless command and its shortcut key combination is the undo command (Ctrl + Z).

Now here is how it all happened; just yesterday, I was working on an official and extremely important document that has taken a complete week to put the contents together and contains about 4000 words in length.

The error came in as I wanted to increase the fonts of the entire document, as usual, one will have to select the entire document either by highlighting with mouse from down to bottom or simply by using the shortcut keyboard command of Ctrl + A before changing the font, and which I did by applying the shortcut method. The next thing that happened was just in a split of semi-second and oblivious to me, I must have tapped a button on the keyboard unknowingly after the highlighting, and when I raised my eyes on the screen, the whole document was gone and I was left facing blank white screen.

Now since I couldn’t really figure out what happened, the only thought in my mind at that moment was to press Ctrl + Z, which I did and the whole document appeared again like magic, I then smiled to myself, nodded my head left-right and asked myself “What if there was no undo command (Ctrl + Z) in modern day computing?”….obviously it will be hell or disaster.

One thing about the shortcut Ctrl + Z command that I want point out to you here is that; Do you know that out of the 26 letters from A-Z on a conventional computer keyboard, that Ctrl + Z is the shortest key combination distance when holding down Ctrl + any other letter?

Over to you, how do you envisage modern day computing without that that simple undo command (Ctrl +Z)
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Monday, August 11, 2014

How to shop online on Konga

Konga is one of the largest and most famous Nigerian online stores today where buyers, Konga sellers and other Konga verified sellers alike converge online to buy and sell different varieties of consumer products that span across different categories at modest prices, and where buyers have the goods delivered to them at their door steps in all the states and capital of the federation.

For many, shopping online can be seen as fun and part of their hobbies, so today we are going to be showing you the simple step by step way on how to shop online on Konga and have your items delivered to your doorstep.
How to shop online on Konga

Shopping online on Konga is simple and convenient. Without even wasting a single time, let’s stroll together on the steps immediately;

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= => Visit Konga with your device

= => At the top right corner of the Konga homepage, hover your mouse on the Login/Join Konga tab to see where to create your Konga account (register)  and the sign in with Facebook.
Konga signup

= => For simple and fast signup just click on the sign in with Facebook there, then enter your Facebook log in details if you are not already logged into your Facebook account, log in and click OK on the next page.
Konga request prompt for Facebook signup

When you do that, your Konga account has been created and you are now into your Konga account homepage.

= => To shop now, browse through the categories of products at the left hand side of the page where you have the shop by category drop down menu tab, or you can simply quick-search for the products you are looking for by typing the product name on the search bar located at the top side of the site.
Konga products categories

= => When you have succeeded in locating and clicking on the product, just to make sure you are Ok with it, you can take a little time to learn about the product details like the specifications, the seller, whether the product is still in stock or out of stock. All these details will be shown to you immediately you locate the products.

= => If you are satisfied with the product and want to by now, just click on the Buy Now button by the product to add the product to your shopping cart.
Konga Buy Now Button

= => If it is only that item that you want to buy, you can then click on the Proceed to Checkout tab that will come up in a small window frame after you clicked the Buy Now button above. Then still click on Proceed to Checkout at the right hand side of the next page under the cart summary to take you to where you will fill in your delivery address. But if you want to add more items to buy in your cart, all you need do is just to go back and search for the other items which you want to buy alongside. Whenever you locate the additional item, just click on the Buy Now tab beside it to add them to cart too.
Konga Proceed to checkout pop up mini window

You will always see the number of items you have in your cart at the top on the cart section just beside the right side of search bar.

When you are done adding items to your cart, just hover your mouse on the cart which we said is located just beside the search bar, and click Checkout to take you straight to where you will add your delivery address.
Konga checkout from cart

= => Next, you will be taken to where you will add your delivery address. Here, fill in the entire field with the name, phone number and exact address where you want the items delivered to you.

Note here that it is the name that you put at this point that your item receipt is going to bare.
When you are done filling in your address details, click the Deliver to this Address tab at the bottom of that page.
Konga Delivery Address form

= => The next page is where you will select your payment method. At this point, before proceeding to choose your payment method, if you have any Konga Coupon code for discount buying, you can tick the I have a Coupon checkbox and enter in the Coupon code, the price of your item will be slashed down according to the Coupon value you have.

But if you don’t have any Coupon code, as expected on your first purchase, go straight below to choose any of the Payment method available and that you are convenient with. They are either pay using your ATM card or Pay on Delivery.

If you choose the Pay on Delivery option, the only thing else that you have to do is just for you to confirm your order by clicking on the Confirm Payment tab below it, and that is all with your shopping. You will then receive an SMS within a short while on the phone number that you used, confirming your order. You now wait and expect the arrival of your items to your destination in the next 4 to 7 days.
Konga payment methods options

The day your item finally arrives, you can then hand in your cash to the delivery man or use your ATM to pay on the POS machine that the delivery man will come with.

But from the above payment methods, if you opted to pay with ATM card option initially, other than the Pay on Delivery option, you will be redirected to the Interswitch Webpay online payment portal where you will choose card type and fill in your ATM Card details.

You can also read: Debits cards VS Credits cards

The ATM cards accepted are MasterCard, VISA card and VERVE card. The details of the card that you have to fill in in the Interswitch webpay payment portal are; your ATM card number which is usually the about 16 digit number on the front side of your ATM card, then the card expiry date which is still on the front side of your card, the card CVV2 number which is the last 3 digits of the numbers at the back of your ATM card, and finally your card 4 digit secret PIN which you will key in by selecting numbers from the calculator-like keys that is presented to you there at the Interswitch portal.

After filling all your ATM card details at the Interswitch portal, just click on the Pay tab there to pay for your order, and your order  will be successful as your ATM card will be charged with the amount of your order. If your payment is not successful, you will also be notified there. You will also receive confirmation message to your phone number.
Konga to Interswitch webpay portal

Finally, you will also wait for your order to arrive your destination in 4 to 7 days’ time after successful ATM card payment.

If you are happy with this piece, please use the comment box below to express yourself.
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