Friday, December 19, 2014

Which good android phone should I go for with a budget below 15K?

With a budget of below 15K, we believe your budget-range will fall around 12 to 14K, and with our wealth of knowledge and interests on smartphones and other high tech devices, we believe that we can give you the best suggestions of all on the best devices that will truly match your budget.

And in all, in order for you not to start feeling any sign of regret when the whole did has been done.

Many folks have accosted me in the past and in present times for suggestions on high performance gadget that will match their budget, and we have done that successfully and they were all happy at the end after purchase.
Which good android phone should I go for with a budget below 15K?

Today again, I have decided to use this avenue to give near perfect suggestions to those of you that might have low budgets and are seeking to obtain for yourself cool android devices this season, but are confused or don’t really know the gadget to stake their cash on.

Now with such a budget, if you are looking for a good android phone to buy, the first thing that should be in your mind is to get an MTK android device.

These days, you and I know that MTK devices are doing well and also selling well in the emergent markets.

When we say MTK devices here, we are referring to phones that make use of MTK chipsets like most of the Tecno brands, Infinix, Gionee, Innjoo, Jiayu, Doogee etc.

Now coming down to the best suggestion we have for you, which is your best bet for android devices below 15K, I have to excellent devices that I will be mentioning and asking you to look towards their directions, because you will definitely not get anything better elsewhere.

Ok, without much ado, you should channel your cash to either the Innjoo i1S or Infinix Hot.
I will still narrow the both down later to the best among the Innjoo i1S and Infinix Hot.

It is normal to start wondering why is it that I suggested these two phones for you at that budget.

The answer is simply because they are currently the best two low budget phones you can get now with amazing features.

Looking at the features of these phones, you will immediately agree with me that they are just the perfect device for you this season.

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= => The phones are new in the market, especially the Infinix Hot which just launched.

= => Their screen display sizes are 5.0 inches with IPS capacitive touchscreen

= => Both have 3G networks on both SIMs

= => They run on android 4.4 Kit Kat OS

= => With 1.3GHz quad core MTK processor, both also run on 1GB RAM

= => They both have slot for expandable 32GB MicroSD card.

= => Infinix Hot has a whooping 16GB internal memory while the Innjoo i1S as 8GB of internal memory

= = Both of them support WiFi and WiFi hotspot.

Now coming down to only few of their features that are not too mouth watery;

Their screen resolutions are 480 X 854 Pixel and their main back camera is 5MP and finally the Infinix Hot features a 2000mAh battery capacity while the Innjoo i1S has 1900mAh battery.

Considering that no even one single phone is perfect and not even with such low budget phones, both phones are devices to reckon with, come rain come sunshine.

You can even decide to buy one for yourself and pick another one as a gift for your friend this season.

Finally, coming down to narrowing between the Infinix Hot and Innjoo i1S as I promised above, Infinix Hot takes the day considering their features and also being the hottest phone in town now as the name suggest.

“Don’t allow these awoof phones to pass you buy this season because you might just regret not getting one for yourself”
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

So All These Network Providers Have Decided to Twist the Real Meaning of “Unlimited Data” to Suit Their Purpose, huh!

Since Airtel has been known to be pioneering a lot of things these days with their network, like first to introduce the android data plans and the rest, I also believed they were the ones that pioneered the false name “Unlimited Data”.

And now, other networks have followed suit to the extent that if they give you only 1GB worth of browsing data, they will tag it unlimited data.

In my own understanding of Unlimited Data, Unlimited data is when you browse or access the internet without any data limit, without any data cap attached to the internet data plan.
So All These Network Providers Have Decided to Twist the Real Meaning of “Unlimited Data” to Suit Their Purpose, huh!

Or please did I made any mistake in the meaning of unlimited internet data stated above?

This whole thing started last year by Airtel, when they introduced the BIS 2+1 and 1+1 offer, you will remember that it was that time they started calling those BIS plans Unlimited BIS data plans, meanwhile all the plans have limits.

These days, any new data plan that is launched by any network providers, they call it unlimited plans.

Sometimes I began to wonder if it is that they no longer understand English or maybe just in all avenues to advertise what they actually do not offer their subscribers, they call it Unlimited Data.

And as Airtel pioneered it, MTN seems guiltier now of making use of the words Unlimited Data to confuse their subsribers.

MTN will give you 2 hours plan of N250 with 150MB data cap, they will tell you that it is unlimited; they will give a Whatsapp monthly plan with only 15MB data cap, they will tell you that the plan is unlimited Whatsapp plan.

Airtel on the other hand will give to only some eligible SIMs extra 2GB BIS or android data plan and they will call it unlimited.

Glo and Etisalat will give you their own small MBs and tell you that it is unlimited.

Now I want to ask again, apart from Etisalat PayGo plan of truly unlimited 5 min data sessions for N15 each, which of the 3 other networks really has unlimited data plan that they offer to their subscribers?

If you know any unlimited plan from these networks, please mention so we can join you in subsribing?
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to Quickly Convert any Webpage as PDF File Without Any Tool

By now you should know that PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the best formats of handling, sharing and distributing of files or documents on the web.

And now, let’s say it happens that you are surfing the net and you come across that webpage that you love the contents so much and you feel like converting it to PDF file for easier handling and distribution or maybe just for later visit on your PDF reader when offline.

Though there are other tools that you can equally use to do the job, but maybe you don’t have the tool readily available and going in search of it can be quite tedious and time consuming and you needed to convert the page to PDF instantly.
How to Quickly Save any Webpage as PDF File Without Any Tool

With the tips that I will be dropping below, you will be able to achieve that at the speed of light without needing any special resources for that.

To quickly convert any webpage to a PDF file;

= => Launch your Chrome Browser

= => Visit the webpage that you want to convert to PDF

= => While on the page, hit your Ctrl + P button on your Windows computer keyboard to bring up the Print options.

= => Now at the left hand pane of the Print options, come down to Destination and change the option to Save as PDF

= => Then save changes on the top Print option and name your file

Hurray! You have just converted that webpage into a PDF file.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Be Frank, Which of These Networks, MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat Rocked Your Internet World this Year?

Yes and if you want me to open the floor by mentioning the network that rocked my internet world throughout this year and the data subscription plan that I have used and that I am still currently using to visit the world even when I am only inside the house, then I will be glad to start up.

For me, I have grooved MTN night plan right from the beginning of the year to this very moment that I am typing and posting this.

And yes I rock it 247 day in night out with simple server tweaking, and I can tell you categorically that in my location, the MTN internet network speed is modest for me and the internet consumption rate is just superb, MTN just pinches the data bit by bit unlike Airtel that I heard they make use of mal-functioning calculator to calculate data rate, and hence end up claiming the name “King Zapper” for themselves.
Be Frank, Which of These Networks, MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat Rocked Your Internet World this Year?

The MTN night plan as you all know offer a total of 4.5GB data for N2,500 and for one month.

My friend on the other hand told me that Glo BIS with IMEI tweaking of his android and tethering with his PC rocked his own internet world throughout the year.

Now it is your turn to confess the network and the internet data plan that rocked your own world for the year.

I heard some murmuring that Airtel did it for them; while some said Etibaba was their last bus-stop in accessing the internet this year, but we can only hear from the horse’s mouth when you come out to mention yours and not only by hearsay.

The essence of this is that it will help you and others discover the best network and the most affordable data plans that others are using, and hence some of you that are still scouting for network and data plans that will rock your internet world can borrow some leaves.

So start telling us the network that made your year 2014 worthwhile while surfing the internet on your PC or phones, and don’t forget to mention the data plan that you used most with the network throughout this year. 
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Beginners Guide to Start Trading Forex Today and Become a Pro Tomorrow

The journey of a thousand miles is said to begin with a step. And today, you might just be kick starting your Forex trading journey even as a complete novice.

Today, we will be starting you up on the necessary basics of Forex trading, some things you need to know about Forex and some Forex terminologies as a beginner and/or Forex enthusiast.

Forex Trading stands for Foreign Exchange Trading or the Currency Exchange Market, and it sometimes simply abbreviated as FX.
Beginners Guide to Start Trading Forex Today and Become a Pro Tomorrow

Long before now, Forex trading was left out solely for International banks, and government regulations in most countries prevented individuals from taking part in Forex trading.

But now, things have changed and individuals with the required knowledge can now trade Forex on their own after being decentralized.

Forex in a nut shell has to do with buying and selling of foreign currencies.

A typical example of Forex trading or traders are those Bureau De Change personnel out there that you do exchange your local currency to a foreign currency with or from one foreign currency to another. You can refer to them as offline Forex traders.

But these days, when you mention Forex, it is often viewed from the online perspective. Though very similar to that of the offline example given above, online Forex trading has proving to be more technical and require more expertise to in order to succeed.

Forex is a decentralized financial market, often with little or no government or other institution interference. The brokers and the investors are the major players in Forex.

Today, Forex is being seen as the most traded and highest capitalized market in the world with over $billion being traded on daily basis.

The main aims and objectives of trading Forex are to minimize loss and maximize profit.
The volatility of Forex market has made the business slogan “In business you gain or lose” stood firm.

I believe at this juncture, you now know what Forex is and why individuals and institutions trade Forex. Let’s continue to the other basics of Forex trading which you need to know.

What currencies are used in Forex trading?

Basically, there are 8 major foreign currencies used in Forex trading  and they are; Euro (EUR), Pounds Sterling (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), United State Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF) and Japanese Yen (JPY).

More on Forex Currencies

Forex currencies are often traded in pairs and the major pairs from the listed currencies above are; EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, NZD/USD and USD/CAD.

Now looking at each of the currency pair, the currency by the left before the slash (/) is regarded as the Major currency, while the other by the right after the slash is regarded as Minor currency.

Remember that we said that Forex is all about buying and selling of currencies, and you should understand that this buying and selling is a simultaneous process in each currency pair, for example, in the EUR/USD pair, buying simply means that you are using the major currency (which in this case is the EUR) to buy the minor currency (USD) and at the same time you are automatically selling the USD to the EUR and vice versa.

And that is the reason why in Forex trading, you can profit in either way the Market (Exchange rate) moves, whether the Market is rising (EUR gaining more value than the USD) or the Market is falling (EUR losing value to USD).

At every particular point in time, each currency pair exchanges at different rate, which might not necessarily be seen as a whole number but in fractions or decimals, and so it is this small fractional change that Forex traders or brokers now capitalize on to profit.

Though as time goes, the changes can gradually jump from decimals to whole number implying that more gains or more losses can be recoded at such high change.

The whole idea of trading to make profit, is when a Market (Exchange rate) is rising (for example In EUR/USD currency pair, you say a market is rising when the EUR is gaining value against the USD) you enter the market by buying and in the other way round, when the said market is falling, you sell to also make profit.
How can one now start trading Forex?

To start trading Forex, you first of all need a Forex trading platform. And there are thousands of platforms available out there to choose from and you actually need only one to start up your trading.

Examples of Forex platforms includes; Marketiva, InstaForex, Etoro, etc.
Choosing a platform to start with can sometimes prove difficult and the platform that you finally settle with should then serve as your best platform if it features the available options that suit your trading needs.

A logical idea of making a good platform selection is by testing some of the platform you come across through their Demo trading sections, because by so doing you can then easily see the features and options available on them and know if the suits your trading pattern.

Note that you don’t need to try out every platform you happen to come across because they are truly inexhaustible, so trying out just 2 or 3 before making your selection might just suffice.

When you have succeeded in choosing a Forex trading platform, the next thing is that you need to register free with them for a live account and then look for the funding means available over there to fund your account.

Now, trading on your chosen platform involves constant and witty study of market trends which you can be assisted on with good knowledge of the available tools on the platforms.
You need to know when to enter the market and when to withdraw in order to maximize profits.

You can decide to trade on autopilot by setting up all the necessary marketing limits with the features on the platform.

For example you can monitor the market trend and set up a Take Profit Limit that triggers when to automatically withdraw from the market even without your consent on certain amount of profit already made.

Another type of limit that you can set on autopilot is the Stop Loss Limit; this triggers a withdrawal from the market at the set limit to prevent further loss.

Some common Forex terminologies you will always come across while trading Forex

1.      PIPS – this is the Percentage Increase in Profits i.e. your profits expressed in percentage, which will be shown to you on your platform in the cause of trading.

2.      SPREADS – this is the PIPS between the bidding price and the asking market price. It is the spread that actually determines the amount the broker will make through their platform.

3.      Indicators – These are things that actually determine market trends. For example, we have the Natural Indicators like natural disaster, conflicts/crises, etc. and we also have the Technical Indicators which are human developed tools that uses mathematical formulas to forecast market trends. Examples of Technical Indicators are Normal Moving Averages, Stochastic Flow etc.

4.      Bulls and Bears – Literally, when a market is rising it is regarded as Bullish market and when the market is falling it is known as Bearish

Finally, we will be stopping here for now, and you should understand that what you have just read are basics of Forex trading and it is advised that you acquire more expertise knowledge before you should consider venturing into Forex trading.

Such knowledge can be acquired through constant researches and practices or further reading and training. But this piece was craftily drafted to serve as stepping stone in your Forex trading quest.
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Free Unlimited Access to Facebook on Your Mobile!

I know my folks at home will surely like this.

Do you want to be “Facebooking” all the time for free at absolutely no cost with your mobile device?

I guess your answers will be yes! And the reason is that I know most of you out there sleep on Facebook, while some even eat and drink Facebook and some have converted Facebook into a business venture that vomits cash like ATM.

In fact Facebook is still currently the most visited and most used online social media platform.
Free Unlimited Access to Facebook on Your Mobile!

Recently you heard that Instagram has overtaken Twitter in terms of user base with now over 300 million fan base, and if I may ask; what actually do you think is behind such a stupendous growth on the part of Instagram?

The simple answer is because Facebook has a hand in Instagram; Yes Facebook acquired instagram long ago. And it is also the same reason that sees Whatsapp still growing astronomically.

So whenever you talk about Facebook, you always talk in volumes.
Having said all that and without wasting your time, let’s hit the nail on the head for today’s topic.

If you want to be accessing Facebook for free with your mobile, kindly raise up your hand to signify interest…lol..

Let’s fire down; so if truly you want to be Facebooking unlimitedly for free then it is time to start dusting up that your airtel SIM once again.

Remember the other time I showed you how to use the airtel WTF bundle for free 7 days, but this time around it is free unlimited Facebook forever on your mobile.

If you don’t already have an airtel SIM, I can tell you that it is very cheap now to get one for yourself, N100 or N50 can get you one and you might even be given extra one Airtel SIM for free for that same amount.

And yes you heard me right, insert your airtel SIM into any of your mobile device and just migrate to Airtel Big Family Plus by dialing the code *433#, that is all and you should be on your way for unlimited free mobile Facebooking…No long thing! Start Facebooking immediately!

Also note that the Airtel Big Family Plus is a plan that does not involve any daily access fee and also the call rate starts from the very first minute of the day. Enjoy!
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

You Can Now Access the NIMC Nationwide Designated Centers for Your National ID Card Registration

The national ID Card registration process has been ongoing for long now in the various National Identity Management Commissions (NIMC) set up centres by the Federal government across the country, in order to make sure that all citizens of the country that have attained the rightful age of 16 gets registered for their National ID card.

So far, NIMC has done well and millions of Nigerians have been registered in the ongoing nationwide exercises.

Information gathered earlier is that the registration exercise is gradually coming to an end and the last date for the completion of the whole process has been set to 31 December 2014.
NIMC Nationwide Designated Centers

Last time, I went ahead to simplify the whole online pre-registration and registration proper process by discussing on how to register for the new National ID card online and at the NIMC set up outlets.

But we noticed that a whole lot of individuals have being complaining of not being able to access the NIMC online registration portal and the NIMC set up nationwide centers page provided there.

After detailed scrutiny, we got to find out that there was actually nothing wrong with those portal and page and that they are fully accessible, but the only thing there is that you need a secured private internet connections for you to access them, and hence, many of you were unable to do so because you use mostly public internet access to visit them.

This was done so in order to secure your details such as your passwords and other private details and to prevent unauthorized access to your account since the Federal government is taking the exercise very serious as you can all see.

In other words, for you to be able to access those online NIMC registration portals for facilitated pre-registration and also to access the NIMC designated outlet addresses in your location, you need to change your IP to a secured private internet connection or better still it can be done with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enabled on your system.

Since not everybody is techie enough to understand what I just mentioned above, I then took it upon myself to convert the NIMC designated outlets page into a PDF file and uploaded it for you to download to your devices, so you can now see the NIMC outlets and addresses in your current state of residence.

This was as to enable you to locate and go for the full registration of your National ID before the deadline date and in case you were unable to start out the online pre-registration process.

Now if by any reason you are still unable to access the NIMC nationwide designated outlet page with your browser, you can download the PDF file here.

It is important to note that if you are able to start out the registration process online as suggested above by making use of private network connections, the whole process will be facilitated and you would have just bypassed some of the registration process that will be carried out when you get to the NIMC outlets for the rest of the registration.

So if you are yet to register for your National ID card, I wonder what you are still waiting for, because right now you need to act fast to register as the end date counts down.

Finally, you can check out on how to register above to get online registration guide and also to know the exact documents that is required of you to take to the NIMC outlets in your state.
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